Nov 05, 2017

We hope that we are ready to leave in the morning

Quite the crazy week weather wise.   In spite of the cold and even colder temps tonight Colin is now only speaking Spanish 🙄   I thinks he is beyond ready to get out of here.  I know that I am.  We have however had our challenges.  It has been so very cold for this time of year. There is is ice everywhere, you have to be so very careful with every step.  We know that one misstep and our entire winter would be ruined.

Meanwhile due to the snow, cold and ice,we have been unable to open our slide outs in the RV.  The main concern is the bedroom slide as when closed it blocks the access to our storage areas in the bedroom.  Based on the fore casted temps for the next three days it appears that we will not be able to open our slides until we get to Las Vegas on Thursday.  So meanwhile we have bags and clothes spread everywhere including in the Jeep and all about the RV until they can be properly put away.

This distant hillside of cows of wandering in the snow, taken from here at X 36 zoom.

Tonight is supposed to be the coldest night since the blizzard whipped through.  Colin is getting up early in the morning to turn on the engine block heater so that we know that the RV will even start.  We can’t run it tonight as we need our 15 AMP plug  to keep the one heater running in the water area basement.  Meanwhile we also have the hot water heater turned on to propane.  Whenever Colin needs to get into a basement compartment he has to pour hot water over the latch in order to open the door.

I think that I am safe in saying that this will be the very very last time we leave so late in the season.  I think that our future is about to change, thank goodness for early semi retirement.  We plan on spending the next 5 months in Mexico.  We will only be home long enough in the spring for me to do complete our company year end as well as our personal taxes.  Then we are off to Europe for a month.  A new article came out today by Conde Naste, of the top 20 cites in Europe to visit, we will be visiting 3 of them 😀  We now are speculating on new plans for next fall which just might have us leaving here the end of September.

We currently have a small problem with the tire sensors, they are not working at all 😯   Is it because of the extreme cold, we don’t know?  Therefor we will be traveling in separate vehicles until we get to Kal Tire, just a few miles from here, we want to get the tire pressures on the RV checked out officially.

Last night I made a pot of very tasty lentil soup.

I made the soup and was able to save two more meals for our journey by sealing the jars while hot. The lentil soup was delicious and is perfect for this time of year.  We enjoyed a wonderful; Pinot Noir with dinner, thanks to a client. For certain we will be buying this once we return.  I really don’t like a red wine but if it is expensive ( $20.00 minimum per bottle ) I enjoy it.

We are somewhat concerned with the temperatures over the next three days.  Tomorrow appears to be the worst. We were planning to overnight in the Walmart in Moses Lake, WA  but if someone has an idea of a good place ( RV Park ) to stay in that area where we can hook up (heat in the RV )please let us know.  I think it is going to be too cold for us to boondock.

So once the plumber we hired for tomorrow morning blows out all the water lines to the house we will be ready to leave. Then once we pass through Kal Tire and  sort out the tire pressures we should be good to go.  We are just a bit concerned about towing a new much larger tow car and can only hope that we are truly ready to hook up and head out.

So fingers crossed that we are good to go in the morning.

This was taken this morning and as you can see the lake is starting to  freeze.

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6 Responses to “We hope that we are ready to leave in the morning”

  1. Dee Tillotson says:

    Contessa, I remember that when you returned home each season, you dropped the motorhome off for its yearly general maintenance. When the technicians pull your motorhome into the bays for maintainance, are those bays heated? If the answer is yes and if you need the tires or tire stems checked, why not let your technician do it, and then you may be able to get your slides thawed at the same time to open them in the heated bay if there is room. Just a thought. Be careful on the ice roads, but I know you will.

    • contessa says:

      The maintenance place is about a 7 hour drive from here and we are not going that way today. The bays are not heated. We will be just fine until we get to Vegas.

  2. George Yates says:

    Good luck on heading out in the morning and hope the weather co=operates for you, travel safe.

  3. Sandy Matts says:

    Traveling mercies for you all the way to the Isla. Overcome the little things that happen and soon you will be in your Happy Place.

  4. rae says:

    Hope you get off without any more hitches!

  5. Peter says:

    Safe travels! Hoping for an uneventful day…

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