Nov 03, 2017

We survived the blizzard but….

…will we still be able to leave on Monday?  We certainly hope so.  We have a plumber scheduled for 8AM to blow out the water lines in our home so that nothing will freeze and break.  Both Sunday and Monday are precipitation free all the way to Ely, Nevada so we should be good to go.  The snow starts again on Tuesday so I can’t see why we should not be able to leave.  We just have to make it happen.

We had light to heavy flurries Thursday afternoon.  Then the wind picked up with gusts to 70km/h.

The airport shut down a lot of flights.  Good thing we were back from Winnipeg.  Even this morning many flights were cancelled.

Those of you who know me, know that I don’t wear closed toe shoes, ever!  Winnipeg was warm compared to here.  I finally had to resort to wearing a pair of socks.  Thank goodness we decided to move the RV here from the storage lot a day earlier.  We are only allowed 3 days to park in front of our home.  Under the circumstances we figured that an extra day would be okay.

This is what we saw this morning.  Last night Colin had to use hot water and pour it over the basement latches so that he could open the basement doors to put a heater in the water tank area.  Each time he checked it he had to use the hot water as well as in any other basement compartment he needed to check.  We did run the furnace for most of the day yesterday and as well as today.  Overnight Colin ran an oil filled heater inside as well as a heater in the basement water tank area.  We only had 15AMPS to work with.

It was very cold, -13C/8.5F with the wind chill at 8AM this morning and the temperature never rose  all day and started to go down mid afternoon.  Tonight will be even colder than yesterday with more snow flurries.  Colin actually put light bulbs in the house water softener area and in hot water area and the water connection area, which will also be shut off the day we leave by the park maintenance crew.

This is the earliest that winter has come to this area since 2006.

The rain chains are frozen.

We even have a large icicle forming from the gutter are.  I guess that means that we need to do some caulking this spring.

Then there is the enormous icicle hanging off the RV awning.

Yesterday we had the bedroom slide out in order to put some things away.  By the time we brought it in there was at least 2 inches of snow that had accumulated in the short time that we had it open.  Colin had to go on the roof to sweep the snow so that we could bring it in.  Today we decided to not open it again as it was too cold and there was too much ice about.

Big White, just 90 minutes from here got 25cm overnight.  They are almost ready to open the ski hill three weeks early.

Just another few kinks to this wacky year.



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23 Responses to “We survived the blizzard but….”

  1. rocmoc n AZ says:


    I believe it is going to be a cold hard winter, even here in AZ. Pacific Ocean temps are as much as 10 degrees below normal already in areas. Travel safe and SOON!!!

    rocmoc n AZ

  2. rocmoc n AZ says:

    That was F degrees.

  3. George Yates says:

    Good luck to get packed up and outta there sign, travel safe.

  4. rae says:

    Wow. Even in my horrible first winter in the Okanagan, we didn’t get temps like that until mid-December! You really are best off on Monday, if roads are clear, to make a run for it. Reminds me of when I fled Osoyoos on January 1st, 2009 — I squeezed through a tiny window of decent weather. Even though the roads weren’t ideal, it was my only chance.

    Hang in there — Isla days are coming!

  5. Steve says:

    brrrrrrr … that looks cold. Mexico is looking better all the time.

  6. ann says:

    we are in Sn Carlos probably leave for Mazatlan Monday or Tuesday for the next two weeks it is going to be 90 both places. humidity around 80% cooling off to 80 – wish I were home in Vegas!
    I sent you an email.

    • contessa says:

      Well I think I would rather be hot than cold. There is always AC. Thanks for the heads up in the email. I will post about it once we get to that particular area.

  7. Peter says:

    It looks like you’ve never been more ready to get out of there. The Isla awaits…

  8. So glad we never got the cold that you did, only the snow. It is zero right now and the lowest it has been is minus 3. The snow is not leaving although it is supposed to snow a bit more today then rain tomorrow. I hope you guys get on the road, if nothing else run for the south like mad!

  9. Maxx Trails says:

    Well looking at the positive side of the cold you have some beautiful pictures! Hopefully things are still looking good on Monday and you are able to safely get away.

  10. Deborah S. says:

    Our friends in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island report snow there, as well. What a wacky year! We are grateful to be in Mexico already (Ajijiic for now). Safe travels!

  11. Brrr…that looks cold! Seems you can’t pack up fast enough to get out of Dodge! Hope you have better weather for traveling.


  12. chris says:

    Good grief! Get the heck out of there.

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