Nov 01, 2017

Mommio, fabulous first evening

There was snow on the ground in Winnipeg and it was cold and there I was with my bare feet and legs in sandals.

Once we landed and got our rental car we headed to the hotel to unload our luggage and sort out the presents into four separate groups.  The first group included gloves for her as well as a warm comforter for her bed as well as the Halloween decorations.  She was  beyond happy and thought that this was her birthday gift.  Here we were taking her her for a mid afternoon lunch.  She ate lightly while we had our first meal of the day despite getting up at 4AM.

Fortunately the Winnipeg brother did bring her her winter coat but not the attached hood.  He also brought her winter boots and we noticed some jewellery that had not been there before.  She loved her new comforter and told us the next morning that she was finally warm at night.  She wanted to do some shopping so we took her here and there.  It was difficult getting her into the car and Colin had to lift her legs in.  By the end of the weekend she was lifting her legs in and out on her own.  It was apparent to me that she needs to walk more and exercise.  I had more than one staff member tell me that all she does is sit in her room all day.  And they allow that.  If I was running that place things would be different.  People in facilities like this only get one bath per week and it was very obvious that she has hygiene issues.  She refuses to let the staff help her with a daily sponge bath as she wishes to be independent.  I think I got the afternoon nurse to agree to try and get her bathed twice per week.

Oh I almost forgot.  She had no idea that she has a monthly ‘allowance’ that she could withdraw funds on each month.  It was a real challenge to get her to accept that it was her money and she could spend it as she wished.  She was worried that the elder son ( the POA ) would be upset with her if she took some money.   It took a full day for her to stop worrying.  We made sure that she knew the way to the finance office and made her practice how to get there on her own.  Of course it is a very long way from her room but good for the exercise.  She spent the $50.00 she took out on panty hose and a few other personal items and she was beaming that she could do these things with her own money.

Each of the three days were packed to the brim and even though I made notes re each day on the plane Sunday evening I can’t remember all the details and I can’t even read all my notes.  I was exhausted ( and still am ).  We did not get home until 1AM early Monday morning due to my old but sturdy hard sided Samsonite suitcase being destroyed.  Good thing that it was empty as it looked like it had been run over by a vehicle, you could see the tire marks,  even the one wheel was dangling.  Westjet was very good and offered a new bag ( which did not appeal to us as it was brought out ) but the option was $150.00 in travel credits which we took as we did not need another suitcase.  In fact I had planned to sell this one for about $25.00 when we got back.  It was likely close to 25 years old, so the $150.00 was a great deal.

Finally after the shopping ( she wanted to keep walking ) we headed off to the Fort Gary hotel for finger food snacks ( gourmet ) and wine.  Colin has been taking his mom here every year for her birthday as long as I can remember.  It is one of the original CN hotels and this one is the same age as Mommio.

How many of you know someone who is 103?

We had been ready to leave about 45 minutes before the cake came but decided to wait.  It was most special as the band played and sang Happy Birthday and the other patrons joined in.  Look at that smile.

So much fun and happiness.

This was the Friday but her actually birthday was the next day the 28th of October.

I do believe that this first evening was the highlight of her celebration.  This is Otto, the band leader who came over on the band break to shake her hand and ask her ” what did you do to live so long, what is your secret “.  He really wanted to know as he asked over and over!  Again look at that smile.

And then it began, the patrons began to line up to hug Mommio or to shake her hand. This lady was from North Dakota.  She was a delight, wish I had had more time to visit with her.

This young dude lives in Winnipeg and seemed to have a keen interest in Mommio.

So it was time to leave.  First I took her to the washroom and while in my own stall she came out of hers and was suddenly surrounded by ladies.  I came out and realized that she had left her walker behind in her stall.  It was a hoot, all the attention.  The lady on the right had turned 43 while Mommio was turning 103.  She kept repeating that Mommio was 103, 60 years older and looked better than she did.

…and yet another well wisher.

As you can see, I got Mommio into her coat and new red ( her favorite color ) gloves when this lady came by and just had to give hugs and share her wonderful smiles.

Mommio continues to amaze me, she is so very intelligent and sharp.  She does not miss anything.  So the next challenge was to get her back to her room just before midnight.  I never even thought to ask permission to keep her out so late.  We just told them we were taking her out.  Honestly we had no idea we would be out so late.  The place goes on lock down at 4:30PM.  Fortunately it was change of shift and after a few minutes of standing out in the cold frigid wind, -10C/14F, someone opened the door to us.  It was after midnight once we got her settled and said our goodbyes.

Mommio said that it was the best party ever.


…to be continued…..







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17 Responses to “Mommio, fabulous first evening”

  1. kay says:

    AWESOME, JUST WONDERFUL! SHE LOOKS SO GOOD! Bless you both for your effort. Mommio is on cloud nine. So happy you both could spend time with her.

  2. Barbara Lane says:

    Mommio has never looked better! She has such a joyful soul! So happy for her and for you and Colin that you were able to share such a momentous time with her. Wishing her many more. Bless you all.

  3. George Yates says:

    What an amazing time you had with Mommio. she sure is looking good.

  4. Connie & Barry in PA says:

    What an awesome first day with Mommio – so heartwarming to see – love her attitude and smile!!!!!!

  5. Yvette says:

    What a smile! After reading what your poor Mom has gone through in the last year this actually brought a tear to my eye.

  6. What a fantastic day for her. She is full of smiles and looks wonderful for 103 years old. I can understand how people would want to come up and met with her and congratulate her on her birthday. I love the birthday cake that they brought out for her.


  7. Sandie Dixon says:

    I know she had a fantastic day. Aunt Happy turned 104 in August and when we went to visit her this week she had a therapist with her making her walk so I hope they do more of that with Mommio. I love that these women are still able to enjoy life and are aware of their world around them.

  8. Maxx Trails says:

    Sounds like a great birthday celebration and wow she looks fantastic!

  9. Peter says:

    What a riot! Happy birthday Mommio!

  10. Croft Randle says:

    I am sure she will remember this for a long time!

  11. ARIZONA GAL says:


  12. Catheline says:

    This is such a Happy post. Thank you for sharing.

    Does the rest of the family ever join in on the celebrations?

  13. Dolores T says:

    What a fun, special time to have…

  14. Paul says:

    What a wonderful story. And all of you look so great!

    Happy belated Birthday wishes to the beautiful lady. 103!!! What is
    Her secret?!!


  15. Jannose says:

    She looks pretty damn good for 103! Hopefully Colin inherited her genes!

  16. Sandy Matts says:

    Lovely post, pictures and lovely Mommio. She enjoyed the birthday celebration to the fullest.

  17. Don in Okla. says:

    What a WONDERFUL story about a MARVELOUS lady!! It is hard to believe she has reached such a milestone and does so well.

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