Oct 25, 2017

Before and after

Another example of the work Colin does.

This photo needed a lot of work to make it ready for marketing.

So many changes made in photoshop.  Many hours on the computer.  Even the sky is different.

When the client saw this he emailed back, “Dude, Unreal !! “

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6 Responses to “Before and after”

  1. rae says:

    I had no idea Colin is THAT good with Photoshop!

  2. Don & Kathy says:

    Fantastic – wish I had that skill.

  3. George Yates says:

    Thanks for sharing Colin’s work.
    Love photoshop, what mazing things can be done with it. I had a copy of it many years ago and loved playing with it.

  4. Sally says:

    Nice job Colin! I love to play with it too but laptop died. (Motherboard after only 15 months old) I’m trying to get along with a tablet but I miss my photography hobby!

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