Oct 13, 2017

Out with the old and in with the new

I looked out the window early Wednesday morning and wondered what the heck was going on down the end of the street.

Quite the tall crane.  I so enjoy the color of this tree every fall.

It appears that they were chopping down a tree.

I headed out to Kelowna for my second long day of shopping while Colin walked up the street to check out what was happening.

Did they really have to kill such a beautiful old tree?

It was a long day for me with 2 medical appointments in the morning and a ton of errands here and there.  Wow I spent $1024.13 Wednesday but did manage to save $89.60 at the health food store as I had 15% off coupon.  They did not have everything I needed so had to request several items to be ordered in for me. Another thing I did was buy a new bathroom scale that I had decided upon after much research and reading of reviews. So I was upset yesterday to discover that it never weighed the same twice in a row.  Rather it kept upping the weight by 2 – 3 lbs each time I stepped back on the scale.  I guess that would be the perfect scale for someone who wants to gain weight 👿  I stayed home Thursday but Colin had a job way out in West Kelowna so he returned it for me and got another model.  I tried that one this morning and it appears to be functioning properly thus far.

By the time I was done both my trunk and backseat and floor were full.  So Colin met me at the RV where we unloaded everything.  I really miss not having our RV less than five minutes from us here in the storage lot in the park.  The plan is to redo the storage lot early next year and hopefully it will be open when we return in April.  The underground water from the flood really did a number on it.

Meanwhile the new sectional arrived. Note the big guy in the foreground.  Colin says that all he did was tell the two small guys what to do as he supervised.

It was a very tight fit getting it through the gate.

The guy with the sunglasses has quite the grimace on his face.  Colin said that at this point he had to move both my desks as they seemed unable to lift high enough.  Behind the big guy is our rosewood glass china cabinet that almost got smashed.  The big guy did nothing.  Just a bit further into the living area Colin apparently had to grab the sofa before it smashed to the ground.  I am so glad that I was out and that Colin was home to deal with this.  I would have been a basket case.

Colin was asked to sign a paper that the sectional had been delivered in pristine condition.  This was the first thing I noticed when I got home.  We called Scan Design and they will do a repair to our satisfaction or replace it.

As to the computer issues, etc. I went ahead and scheduled an unlimited ( as much time as needed ) home visit by a Geek for $50.00 which is for October 25th, their earliest date.  Meanwhile I spoke to Mr Geek Manager who informed me that the entire company and administration knew who I was and what my issues were.  He promised me that they were trying to get someone to come here ASAP to help me at no charge.  I reminded him that we were leaving on the 27th, which we are, but for Winnipeg.  We don’t leave for Mexico until November 6th.  So now I know I have someone coming one way or the other and I will not be paying either way.  Why should I?

I ended up being on two phone calls at the same time that evening and Colin had to take over when after holding 20 minutes on the one phone, a human came on the line.  I am multi tasking as best I can.  It was funny as we switched phones at least 3 times back and forth during the conversations as only I had the info needed for that particular call at that time.  We must be crazy but it was hilarious at the time and I got two things crossed off the list.  I expected to be caught up by now but I am not.  Maybe by Sunday night or so, I hope.

The Coquihalla had quite the dump of snow today and was closed for several hours due to winter driving conditions and unprepared motorists.  We had our bit of snow rather close to the ground as well.

The day got away from me today.  It was supposed to be another shopping day but I wasn’t ready with that list so I stayed home to get that end of things organized.  Instead I had unexpected lengthy phone calls and two sets of unexpected visitors.  The last one brought me two lovely bottles of wine as a thank you for something 😀  Our clients are now on official notice that photos will now be done in clouds or rain.  No more promises of sunshine or they are welcome to wait till our return mid April.  Then there was the moment that I thought I had killed my keyboard.  I could not get it to work.  Finally I realized that it needed to be charged 🙁

The snow is very low to the ground for this time of year.  The white at the bottom is the lake.  I decree that this is a wine night, first in a long while.  I need to move away from my desk and the computer and sit with my feet up and enjoy my book and a lovely cool glass ( or 2 or ? ) of Pinot Grigio.  Oh gosh, where does the time go, it is 10:30PM already.  Adios for now.

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8 Responses to “Out with the old and in with the new”

  1. George Yates says:

    Still hoping you get that computer fixed. Good luck.

  2. New furniture and it comes pre-scuffed! I hope they make good on that asap. Hubby thought his monitor was not working yesterday (after a road trip) but turns out he failed to re-plug in one of the cords. That is the hard part about running a business from home, no full time tech person.

  3. Maxx Trails says:

    Wow I love that tree! And yes that snow is getting lower, time to head for warmer temperatures 🙂

  4. Peter says:

    So many companies hire absolute morons to deliver their product. We bought a new fridge from Trail Appliences, and the delivery guy dropped it off the truck… Apparently they hire labourers by the hour as needed, and they just don’t care.

    Sure hope the Geek Squad will sort the comouter ussues…

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