Oct 10, 2017

I continue to remain jinxed

My hot air brush which I have owned as long as I can remember electrically committed suicide Saturday.  I only used it about once per week.

Then yesterday morning my bathroom scale also died a painful death.  To add to the mix my weather station  also took a dive but that one should be resolved with a new battery.  It goes without saying that my computer issues continued.  Something to do with Apple mail and G mail not being able to play together.  Then there is the constant churning of the wheel as my computer ponders whether to to what I asked it to, even just writing out a word or a lot of words such as this post.  It was enough to make me cry yesterday.  So that is four electronic devices in 36 hours.  I will restate that I really truly was happy with my old 2009 desktop that was slow.  Maybe I should have just purchased a new hard drive.  I do intend to get down to some serious yelling to the geek guys about the desktop issues at some point today.

However I am off in a very few moments as I have one medical appointment this morning and eleven errands.  Yes that is 11 errands, from purchases for our trip south, to picking up printer paper, to dropping something at the lawyer’s office, to picking up pesos at the bank.  I figure I will be gone over five hours then I have to come home and work 😯

That is snow up there.  We have snow flurries in our forecast down here later in the week. Groan.

Loved hearing the chorus of coyotes out in full voice last night.  They entertained with a full range of yips and howls.

The devastating fires in California leave me speechless.  So glad that we got to enjoy Napa last fall.

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14 Responses to “I continue to remain jinxed”

  1. Dee Tillotson says:

    Hate to add one more, but you need to elevate your senses as to what is a difficult situation going on now at the US/Mexico border. It took three attempts for Terri and Mike (who write books and updates on Mexico) to cross the border on their way to San Miguel. The last attempt with success was with the assistance of Tequila (see RV.net in the Mexico section near the bottom of the title page) who runs RV caravans into Mexico from the US. You shouldn’t have a problem as you are crossing with a motorhome, not a one ton pickup with a camper in the bed. However, you might double check regarding your hauling the toad. Mexico border people are either now enforcing laws on the books or they are misinterpreting the laws. Many people on RV.net think all this trouble may be politically inspired. I really don’t doubt that.

    • contessa says:

      Dee that issues with the Churches, whom we have met in both Acapulco and Mazatlan and had to dinner here once had to do with the truck size. Several of the Isla folks pulling a 5th wheel were questioned at the border last year. There are no issues for a motorhome towing. We just a new 10 year permit issued last November for the RV. We are not concerned at all.

  2. Steve says:

    I use gmail running it though Apple Mail on my computer, laptop, phone and tablet … never a problem. Sometimes after an update I might have to delete an account in Apple mail and reload it and that fixes it.

    I’ve read about your computer problems … when I saw “Geek Squad” I cringed … I blogged about my experience with them a few years ago … not a good one.

    Sorry I did not speak up sooner or email you … I could have warned you about some of your issues with the new macOS and iOS 11 updates.

  3. George Yates says:

    Looks like you really are jinxed hopefully things will straighten out for you soon.

  4. Maxx Trails says:

    Well I can only hope there is an end in sight … soon!

  5. chris says:

    I can relate. We have so much stuff from 30 years ago and things get old and break or wear out. It’s hard for us to replace things as we don’t plan on being in this house too many more years. How much stuff do you replace? My Conair blow dryer bit the dust over a year ago and I opened it up and found a tired wire. I fixed it by giving it a Mexicanada. Works great now.

    • contessa says:

      Chris I never ever would have thought to take it apart and repair it. Some of us have more time that others obviously. Good for you.

  6. Peter says:

    Retirement can’t come soon enough…

  7. Paul says:

    You have so much to look forward to… I am
    Sending you good vibes your way. I am a big fan
    Of how you live your life. You are a real person that loves deeply.
    Love to see that.

    All our best to you and Colin. Stay safe. Be kind.


    Paul and Jan.

    • Contessa says:

      You are a very sweet and special person.

      Thank you for this. I am slowly getting thinks under control just 2 days behind now.

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