Oct 08, 2017

Trying to keep up

The last few days have been a blur of activity.  I finally have transferred all the to do’s from various areas, from business to personal, written out in one large page per day day timer.  Now all I have to do is execute everything on each page every day.  Easier said than done.  Sometimes an item that should take perhaps 15 minutes might take much longer as one thing leads to another that needs to be dealt with first.  New things keep cropping up.  Needless to say I am not keeping up with my daily tasks.  Colin keeps plodding along  doing his editing.  The weather has been kind to him,  allowing him a few good days followed by a few cloudy/rainy days enabling him to stay mostly caught up with his work.

Somehow I got up early enough this past Thursday to take in this spectacular sunrise.

The computer issue has continued to take a lot of my time.  Late yesterday we were able to pick up the old iMac that has been wiped clean so that I can sell it and the supposedly fully operational running laptop.  However the first think I saw when I turned it on last evening was that it was not compatible to my email address.  I simply shut the lid.  To be dealt with another day.  That day will likely be today.  Fingers crossed that we are going to get an in home visit from the Geek people.  Mr Manager was to bump me to the head of the line ten days ago.  I really need to get both my computers working wireless and his main task is to set up the new printer which won’t work for me.  I  however now have a long list for him to check.

It wasn’t long before the storm clouds rolled in.

We did manage to get to the RV about 5:30 PM yesterday so that I could check what items I need to replace /replenish for our trip.  We like to take our own paper goods with us ( we can get great quality for cheaper here and we have the space ) so I was checking things from saran wrap to napkins to paper towels to toilet paper.  Colin checked off things I had tasked him with.  I had found a note the other day that we needed to repair a chip in the windshield.  Neither of us remembered the chip but there it was.  We decided to wait and have it repaired in Las Vegas.  We finally got home about 2 hours later ( yes that made for a very late dinner ) but remembered to bring the RV printer with us to make sure that it still works and is compatible to the new operating systems in my macs.  I intend to make full use of my Geek home visit, if he turns up.

That was the end of our sun for the day.

Earlier yesterday Colin took a few hours to get some things sorted in the RV and the basements before the rain started.  On thing on his list was to take down a smaller side window blind to have it restrung.  There is someone here in the park that does that for about $20.00.  That would be a good side business for you George.   These people like wine also and when talking with the fellow yesterday we discovered that they take close to 4 cases of wine across the US border.  The duty is only .21 cents per bottle.  Guess who is now taking 4 cases across with us next month?   So that one little task of taking down the blind for repair led us to add a stop at the liquor store yesterday to buy the wine for the trip as it was on sale and essentially we got 4L for free.  Now you see how one thing can lead to another.

Adios to our sectional. We were surprised how it all fit in the truck.

If we had time we could use our new dance floor to practice on.

I did a double take when I saw this. Colin had put these two doxie statues looking out the window just like the girls used to do.  Can you spot the goose bobbing in the waves?  I found the statues in my Mom’s things when I was cleaning out her closets after she died.  She never got a chance to give them to me but they are now a very special memory of her and the girls.


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10 Responses to “Trying to keep up”

  1. rae says:

    1) First time I’ve ever heard of an email address not being compatible with a computer and really hope we can learn what’s actually going on! 🙂

    2) That truck loading looks a lot like me yesterday getting my bookcases into my truck, complete with green tarp to prevent damaging anything!

    3) LOVE the teal recliners! They would fit right into my new house. 😉

    4) The statues — what a special find! Wow! Bet there were some waterworks there. 😉

    • contessa says:

      Yes some tears fell and again this morning when they were in a different position.

      After 30 years these teal rockers are as great and well loved as they were from day 1.

  2. susie says:

    Love the statues..

  3. Dee Tillotson says:

    Your photo without the sectional sofa but with the broad sweep of windows has the appearance of your living on a very huge front porch! No wonder you love this house.

  4. Connie & Barry in PA says:

    Love your water view and the Doxie statues are a nice touch! That made me smile!!!!!

  5. Susan says:

    Hi Contessa. It seems you like to keep notes and lists (but sometimes misplace them, lol). Have you ever used “Google Keep” It is an app you can download to your phone, computer, tablet. It is a wonderful app which syncs between all your devices and allows you to keep all your notes and lists in one place. It also allows you the option of note colors and checkboxes, so that if you have a grocery list and use the checkboxes option, once you have purchased your item and you check it off, at a later date if you need that same item again, you just uncheck the box. The app is free and I have used it for years now and find it so useful because if I make a list on my home computer while I am out shopping I can check it on my phone.

    Anyways, hope that helps and good luck with all your future lists and packing.

    • Contessa says:

      I usually don’t misplace things and these notes were in my Mexico files that I hadn’t looked at what with the girls passing and the flooding, etc, I never opened till recently. I m more of a pen and paper person rather than the tech stuff.

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