Oct 05, 2017

Updates including Fitbit

I wondered why I have been unable to find our favorite Gardein ( meatless soy based ) product on the shelves these last few months.  So I called the the head office in the US today and discovered that the turkey cutlets with the most wonderful gravy have been discontinued 😥   Our favorite lentil loaf by Amy’s Kitchen can no longer be purchased in Canada.  Pretty soon we are going to run out of foods we like that don’t take too long to prepare.

I got a call this morning that our sold sectional is going to be picked up tomorrow morning.  The new one we purchased wasn’t supposed to arrive until around October 26th but I got another call this afternoon that it was in fact in town.  It somehow made the truck from Vancouver that left the day we ordered it.  As it will be delivered next Wednesday we will only be without a sofa for five days.  The third unexpected call came about 5PM and it was letting us know that our new coffee table which was not supposed to arrive until November 1st would be ready to pick up on Tuesday.  Quite amazing that it all came together on the same day.  That tells me that this change was meant to be.

What can I tell you about the laptop?  I got a call late yesterday asking me to bring in my time machine so that they can reinstall my data.  They said that the problem was rectified by upgrading to the new OS High Sierra.  Good thing I had other errands in town.  It might be ready tomorrow.  Like I really care 🙄  In case you missed it that was sarcasm.

Once again today my Fitbit Zip wanted a new battery.  I put a new one in on August 24th, September 7th, September 23rd and now October 5th.  That is about every two weeks.  Definitely something wrong with my Fitbit and not the batteries.  So I called and got a very pleasant individual.  Of course my warranty was over a few years ago.  I however insisted that something was wrong with their product and kept repeating that.  I also read their ad back to them stating that the Zip has a long lasting battery life.  The fellow said that he was checking with his support team and that the best he could do was offer me 25% off a new Fitbit device.  I asked him how he could have checked in with the support team as he had been on the phone with me the entire time.  At that point I asked to please be transferred to a supervisor.  Again another friendly guy came on the phone and knew my name and asked how he could help. I once again went over the issues with the batteries needing to be replaced very frequently.  He than explained that the new Apple OS upgrade had caused a huge problem with the Zip batteries and that their engineers were working on it.  I patiently explained that I wasn’t using any new OS upgrades until the last 8 eight days and that I had been using a 2009 computer with Mountain Lion.  He was shocked that I was running something so old, but said that that info may help the engineers.  He then offered me a 50% discount on any device.  I then said that I didn’t understand how my battery issues could be caused using such an old OS and that the problem had been ongoing for the past year.  He then put me on hold and when he came back he offered me 50% off any device or a new replacement ZIP at no charge.  I really only wanted another Zip and took the deal.  They are shipping it to me at no charge next week.  Now that is good customer service.  An $80.00 saving.

Maybe my luck is improving.

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  1. ARIZONA GAL says:


  2. George Yates says:

    Things are looking up for you and that is a good thing.

  3. Sally says:

    You are on a roll! Now call Asus and have them stand behind my motherboard!!! Ha!

    • Contessa says:

      If I had some spare time I would certainly give it a try for you. Years ago I used to help out friends who also had businesses and so some calls re delinquent accounts. I was good at collecting money.

  4. Peter says:

    You are a serious squeaky wheel!

  5. Well done with your persistence, a free zip!

  6. Don & Kathy says:

    Isn’t it amazing how times have change for many of us. Nowadays we cannot exist without our technology devices even though they are useful, helpful and lets face it we need their capabilities. When they work – fantastic, when they don’t – disaster. So very pleased you made the companies listen to you and get them to own up to their problems – good on you Contessa.

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