Oct 02, 2017

Am I cursed?

You may find this hard to believe.  I was here and I am still in shock.  I had turned off the laptop two days ago and needed to use it this morning.  It would not boot up.  Finally I called Apple support and after 55 minutes speaking on the phone with the agent, it still would not work.  He fears that the hard drive may have failed 👿 What the heck 😯

By pressing a few keys at the same time and hitting the enter button as well we got to Disk Utilities.  As you can see corruption was found.

How can a brand new hard drive that I have used for 24 hours become corrupted?

It shows operation successful.  Actually it was not succesful.

We tried a few more times.  Even tried rebooting directly from the Macintosh hard drive.  No go.  The next step the Apple dude wanted to try was to reformat my hard drive and start from scratch.  I knew enough to say no.  So off I went to my tech guys in town.  Long line up.  I went to an associate and asked for the store manager.  He was aware of my situation over the past weeks and told me that he would take care of it.  I had previously discovered that he used to work as an Apple tech before he got laid of.  My Geek manager guy is off until 1PM tomorrow.

I wasn’t rude nor loud but quietly strong in expressing that I was done and wanted this fixed pronto.  So what is it with me and computers?

Meanwhile what can one say about the beyond horrific event in Las Vegas.   Sadly to date there have been three Canadian deaths as a result of the shooting last evening, one here in BC and two in Alberta.  We also have one fellow who lives in our small community of Lake Country who is in a Vegas hospital with a bullet wound and brain bleed.  The world as I know it has changed beyond the norm.  It is hard to have hope for our world.

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  1. George Yates says:

    You are just not having any luck at all with your computers, sound pretty frustrating hope they finally get things working properly soon.

  2. Sally says:

    What a PIA! I had a motherboard croak on my laptop after just thirteen months and the store wouldn’t stand behind it because it was a month out of warranty. So frustrated. But they got you…you are at their mercy. I miss your writing so I wish this would all end soon! This world is a mess!!!

    • contessa says:

      Ah you are sweet. I do have a lot to share and will get to it eventually. I am also dealing with a time crunch re business right now. It is 7:45PM now and I have to decide it I am going to have dinner or do a post. I need 2 – 3 hours to put a good post together.

  3. Al McClughan says:

    I don’t know anything about Apple machines but I’m glad I’ve got windows based equipment. On most of my machines I have a back up portable hard drive with all programs installed that I can plug in and run if the HD in the computer fails. I also have a small network server that keeps all photos and documents (and a HD image from each computer), it has a redundant HD installed so that if one HD fails the other still works. I take it in the RV with us when we are on the road.

    I learned this after data losses in the past

    • contessa says:

      Well like they say you either are an Apple user or a Windows user. We also travel with a back up hard drive, called a time machine.

  4. Dee Tillotson says:

    What is ironic are the details of the Las Vegas shooter. This guy was 64 years old, worked for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the 1970s, worked for Lockheed Martin in the 1980s (which company practically lives off military aircraft contracts), owned three homes and two aircraft, and had a net worth of way more than two million dollars. His brother in Orlando, FL was just flabberghasted and had no clue as to what would have made him go crazy. Based on the above, he just didn’t fit the profile of someone who would do this. Then, other recent details started oozing out; he recently had been dropping between $10,000 and $30,000 a day at the casinos, there was an alcohol problem, someone had detected a possible drug problem, his long-time girlfriend just coincidentally splits for the orient about this time, he has been stockpiling approximately 43 weapons at various locations (some of which are illegal to own in the US) and 23 of which were in his hotel room (how do you get that many guns in a hotel room without someone noticing?), and lastly, his father was on The Most Wanted list of the FBI in the early 1980s for robbing a bank. I’m guessing there is some mental illness here, but “Money” seems to be the center of the killer’s life. He was losing it all at the casinos and went crazy–just never enough money.

    • contessa says:

      Thanks for sharing that info with me. We don’t get the same coverage that you do. However perhaps if I sat in front of CNN I would get it, I don’t know. I don’t have time to watch TV so I appreciate your input.

      • Dee Tillotson says:

        Like a lot of senseless loss of life, I can’t help but ask the questions, why and who? Generally, I edit out a lot of news when reading the newspaper or listening to the news, but these details were unsettling because of being confident of what fits the profile of a mass murderer. My heart goes out to the families. It’s time to again take up gun control in Congress. We were going to take a long weekend to Vegas in November for a show, but my heart isn’t in it now.

  5. chris says:

    Please don’t be offended but dump the Apple/MAC. Laptops are a dime a dozen now and with a simple Microsoft you’ll work wonders. You can use the CLOUD, and an extension terra byte drive for back ups. Keep it simple.

    I know lots of people with Macs and it always seems to be a compatibility problem or when it does go out of whack a parts issue.

    Again, that’s just my opinion. I use my laptop for three different jobs, invoicing, pleasure, photos, etc. Original cost was $279. 17 inch screen, three USB ports, 550 gigabyte drive, DVD, etc. I use it for all of my projection presentations on PowerPoint. I can plug it in anywhere, connect to the internet without problems, and also connect it wifi to my smart television. I’ve had it for three years so that works out to a mere $7.75 a month.

    Should it die, I have backup and can get another out of the box laptop. Next time it will be a netbook with extension drive. Even lighter, smaller and I can easily use it for entertainment on all my flights.

    • contessa says:

      I would have no idea how to use a PC, it is a foreign language to me. The only we reason we finally started using computers was because Apple was user friendly. I would not have the patience to learn how to use a PC. I tried the end of August when we were in Edmonton at the computer proved by the hotel. Forget about it.

  6. Paul says:

    Apple is not the same company we once had when Steve Jobs was alive. You have have to get this fixed, and then
    when its time to upgrade again, look at all you your options and make a decision from your educated research.
    Who knows where apple will be at that time, just make sure you research is my advice… After all you have gone through
    I would seriously thing about a different system or at least weigh out the options.

    As for Las Vegas, what a terrible and brutal carnage that bad person left behind. I hope he rots in Hell.
    You know, here in Edmonton we had a ISIS attempt at killing our innocent people enjoying a Saturday night out on the town.
    I was one of the people out that night, I was only blocks away. When we left the restaurant, we could not deliver the number of police that had downtown barricaded. We were trying to get out of downtown and had a maze of barricades and detours to go through before we could make our route home. We were waived by at all the check points, I was thinking it was the game and the concerts etc that Edmonton had going that night that made it so police heavy. Was I wrong…

  7. Contessa says:

    Thanks for all of this Paul.

    I have to say that there is no way I could learn a new computer system. At the moment I am struggling with the only system I know. I promise to check in with you in 10 years when I once again up grade :)) I just now read online that the Edmonton fellow had been kicked out of the US. Such a sad world we live in. So very very glad that you are both safe.

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