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Sep 09, 2017

Adios and rain!

Colin’s two bothers have the power of attorney and made all the decisions including cleaning out her home.  They made the decision to move her out while she was at a low point physically.  They did not ask Colin about her possessions or what they had decided.  So he had no say as to what […]


Sep 08, 2017


~ Car in lake As far as we know the car is still underwater in our lake.  No attempts have been made to recover it yet.  Nothing about it in the local news. ~  My foot issue I haven’t had pain for the last two days.  So yesterday afternoon Colin accompanied me on a four […]


Sep 07, 2017

Car ended up in our lake

Was the radiator dry and he needed water? No he was following a car in the fast lane and then tried to pass on the right at the same time as the first car changed to the curb lane on the right.  The passing car clipped the first car and somehow ended up in our […]


Sep 05, 2017

Food, Food & Wine & a Meteor

We were surprised that it appeared to be even smokier in town today but then Kelowna is closer to the Peachland/Summerland fire than we are. While in town we stopped in at Costco to pick up a fillet of wild salmon as Colin is going to be home for dinner tomorrow.  All they had was […]


Sep 04, 2017

Que pasa

Apparently our province passed a new law.  We now only have three seasons, winter, flood season and fire season 😯 🙁 Before we traveled to Medicine Hat to pick up the Jeep the end of April, we asked if there were any defects, chips, etc and the dealer said no.  So being who we are […]


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