Sep 08, 2017


~ Car in lake

As far as we know the car is still underwater in our lake.  No attempts have been made to recover it yet.  Nothing about it in the local news.

~  My foot issue

I haven’t had pain for the last two days.  So yesterday afternoon Colin accompanied me on a four block walk and each step was misery.  I am very concerned.  I tried walking with three different pairs of my usual outdoor shoes and I just can’t manage it.  I have had to put away the walking shoes I got in Edmonton, I cannot wear them without pain yet I wore them that first day and loved them.  While there I also bought a pair of orthotic flip flops called Lynco Flips.  I love them, I got the watermelon color shown in the link.  I have worn them for 4 days now as I can’t even wear my beloved Mephistos without pain and have no pain with the flip flops when I walk in the house.  I feel that I am walking on air.  I wish that they would work as a walking shoe.  They do however have sandals and I will now have to look into them.  I just can’t keep spending money on shoes, wear them for a few days and decide that I can’t wear them.  Wearing them in the house is not the same as walking in the street with them.

Only 50.00 CAD for orthotic flip flops.  I love them.

~ The fire situation

If anything it is getting worse, well at least the smoke is for us personally.

These fires are not going away soon.  Should I even add that we had another Okanagan fire start yesterday, in Keremeos.

We find it difficult to believe that the smoke has become even worse. We did not think it possible.  We can’t even seen the road any longer.

I can’t believe that a 15 year playing with fireworks set off the Oregon Columbia Gorge fire which is destroying the area.

~ Hurricanes and an earthquake

The world is out of control.  Monster hurricanes and a destructive earthquake in Mexico.  We have friends being affected by them all.  And then there is the next possible hydrogen bomb by North Korea tomorrow and we actually do have friends who moved to South Korea the end of July to teach school there.  Will it ever end?  Is this our new norm?  I have been to many of the islands in the Caribbean that have been decimated and just can’t believe that it keeps going on and on.  Jose can you please slow down?

~ Cooking yellow fin tuna steaks

Finally something positive to update you on.  We loved loved loved the BBQ tuna steaks.  Basically we went with a recipe by George who writes Our Awesome Travels.  I met George and Suzie about 9 winters ago on their first and only trip into Mexico.  George ran a restaurant in Ontario years ago and has a wonderful reputation as an excellent chef.  I had the privilege of teaching him how to peel and clean fresh shrimp with the head on.  This is George’s recipe for cooking tuna steaks on the grill.

We started by marinating the raw fish in olive oil with some salt and pepper, for about 40 minutes. I will admit to being too heavy on the salt but it was still really good.

Our Weber grill was set to high. We cooked the steaks for 2.5 minutes and then flipped them for yet another 2.5 minutes.  I set the timer so that we were exact with the time.  That is a baked potato in the foil.

Perfection. The trick really is in not overcooking the tuna.

Baked potato, Caesar salad, asparagus ( steamed in the microwave as the grill was too hot for it ) and the exquisite yellow fin tuna.

I wouldn’t change a thing and the left over cold tuna was a great lunch.  I now have a new recipe I am eager to try involving a marinade and sauce to serve over the cooked tuna.  I will keep you updated.

Meanwhile, to all our American and Mexican friends, stay safe and know that you are in our thoughts.


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8 Responses to “Updates”

  1. George Yates says:

    Dinner looks perfect !
    Glad you enjoyed your Tuna Steaks on your Weber Q. It is one of my favourite meals.
    And left overs wonderful as well.

  2. rae says:

    OMG that tuna looks amazing.

    I need to get myself a grill since I know where to get tuna steaks!

  3. chris says:

    Nice looking steaks. We have a Weber Q now, two to be exact, and we love it.

  4. SandyM says:

    Yummy looking dinner. Have the grill – just need the tuna! Plan to try George’s recipe, too.

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