Sep 04, 2017

Que pasa

Apparently our province passed a new law.  We now only have three seasons, winter, flood season and fire season 😯


We were in Vernon late Saturday afternoon picking something up and all the way back we saw a plume of smoke. This is what we saw from our patio.

The new fire is the big flame on the left.  The fire that started August 24th is the one on the right.  Just to make it interesting, a new fire started today on the right side of the lake almost opposite the fire burning between Peachland and Summerland.  We are just a tiny bit above the word Kelowna.

Of course within the last 48 hours the fire has now grown to 1500 hectares and continues to burn out of control.  Close to 80 homes have been evacuated and another 250 are on notice to evacuate immediately.  They have determined that it was human caused.

Yesterday the smoke was the thickest we have had this summer.  We could not even see the highway nor the end of the lake.

Before we traveled to Medicine Hat to pick up the Jeep the end of April, we asked if there were any defects, chips, etc and the dealer said no.  So being who we are and how we think we hired someone from a body shop to go check out the vehicle before we drove all that way.  She found a significant nicks on the drivers door and sent us photos.  We contacted the dealer and they promised to have it repaired by the time we arrived ( a 2 day drive ).

This was the repair job. Certainly not acceptable. They told us to take it home and get three quotes and they would pay for the repair. All verbal, nothing in writing.

Before we got home it appears that the manager had quit and the new guy would have nothing to so with the repair.  He said we did not have it in writing.  At one point after at least a dozen phone calls I took the phone from Colin’s ear and told the new manager that we were going to walk and take the Mercedes back as we were not happy at all.  But we stayed an extra night so they could redo the repair and it still looked horrible which is why the old manager was going to pay whatever to get it repaired here in Kelowna.  He did not want to lose the deal and likely he knew that he would soon be gone.  I was pretty strong in stating to the new manger that why would we lie about something like this.  Colin sent the new manager the photos for a third time and he must have really looked at them and agreed that it was bad however they had no budget to pay for the repair.  All the quotes had come in between $2800.o0 and $3000.00, mostly because they had to blend the paint over two door panels.

Colin went from shop to shop and got names of some guys who worked on the side. We finally found someone who as you can see did an excellent job.  Cost $750.00 and the dealership where we bought the Jeep did pay for it.  Phew.

I guess this is a good time as any to let you know that I took a rather hard tumble on our patio yesterday and re injured my foot and a knee in the process.  Colin has decided that I should not try and do anything in the yard or the house as I am too much of a klutz.  Basically I am safe just staying put.  However he was out there weeding in the hot 34C sun and I thought that I could help just a bit.  Of course I had to trip over the hammock stand.  More icing and still sore.  I had really hoped to resume at least a bit of a walk by now.

About noonish today a police helicopter, likely the only one we have here, began going back forth in a grid pattern.  Today we had some blue sky.  Once the winds picked up in the afternoon so did the smoke.  Meanwhile Colin was able to get a job done today.

It was searching an area of the woods just off the lake to our right. As you can see they were very low and below the tree line. I watched for close to an hour, great pilot.  No idea what was going on.  Someone drove by and said that they were searching for a little girl.

After about 45 minutes they began to search along the waters edge in our park. Look at all the spider webs, they have been everywhere this summer.

There has been nothing the media about the search which I think is strange.  Someone did come by about 5PM and said that the girl had been found.  That is good news but no details at all.

Taken a few nights ago, not yet the full moon.  The moon is looking huge tonight but still two days to go till it is full.  The white pinpricks of light in the background are cars on the road while the softer lights in the foreground are Colin’s rope lites.

Thank you for taking the time to stop in and checking out the que pasa of it all 😎


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13 Responses to “Que pasa”

  1. George Yates says:

    Nice that you git the body work done properly on you jeep.

  2. Sandie says:

    I think Montana has three seasons too. Winter, construction, and fire. Been a long miserable summer. My balance is lousy and I worry about falling. I am so extra careful now. Hope you feel better and recover soon.

    • contessa says:

      I am not so much unsteady but more of a klutz and misjudging my footing. Have been all my life. Every morning when I get up I expect that I will be pain free. Not yet but soon I hope.

  3. Dee Tillotson says:

    My goodness, Contessa, your mind is telling you “I want to go to Spain,” but your body is telling you “not.” Colin is going to have to put you in a bubble until time to leave. It’s time to embrace Chris’ optimism, and this too shall pass. Happy Feet are in your future!

    • contessa says:

      We aren’t heading to Europe until next May so I have lots of time to work on myself. I think walking in the sand will help.

  4. We have 2 season on Vancouver Island, dry and hot and the wet winter season. It would be nice if there is some in between. Try and let your body mend! Maybe you are trying to do too much?

    • contessa says:

      Don’t they say in Edmonton that they have two seasons, winter & construction. What a crazy world we live in. Well I did 4437 today just in the house and I am trying to not walk too much 🙁

  5. Linda & Russell says:

    Someone is trying to tell you to slow down and take it easy. Enjoy a good book and some vino.
    Hope to see you in April!

    • contessa says:

      Okay, soon I am off with a glass of vino and a book.

      I am not certain when we will leave the Isla. Any chance you can get there a few days earlier?

      • Linda & Russell says:

        We arrive April 1st early afternoon. We are staying very close to the plaza. I promise this time we’re gonna make it happen!

  6. Wow, it has been another bad year for fires in BC and in the northwestern states. We are back on a fire ban here at the park. It is so dry, it is unbelievable that we haven’t had any fires in our area.

    Glad that they found the little girl, I hope she was alright.


    • contessa says:

      I have not heard any details on the lost girl. Privacy issues???

      I sure hope that you stay fire free. Only a few more weeks and you are gone 🙂

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