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Sep 30, 2017

Que pasa

Hard to believe that this is the last post for September.  I think the saying, that as we age, time moves faster, is very true.  The month has passed in a blur. Today was a day of errands.  First stop was to visit my favorite techs.  Can’t remember if I told you that I bought […]


Sep 28, 2017

An example of what we do

Colin is doing photography of this house for the builder.  As you can see it is a tall and huge home.  Last year we had already left for the Napa Valley and onward to Mexico. The builder really wanted photos of this house to enter it into a builders award competition.  It wasn’t quite ready […]


Sep 27, 2017

Good news

I now have two working computers.  I picked up the iMac desktop late yesterday afternoon. The first thing I did was pepper the techs with lots of questions as to why it happened, etc.  Also why was the laptop alright but not the desktop?  It turns out that it was not a failed hard drive […]


Sep 24, 2017

My silence continues

The computer issues continue.  Sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair.  Of course all these computer complaints pale in comparison to what is happening in the world what with hurricanes, earthquakes and international issues.  Is this going to be our new normal?  I certainly hope not.  Meanwhile our hearts go out to all those affected in […]


Sep 14, 2017

Computer Issues

My laptop came back with a new hard drive but they were unable to retrieve the data.  So just this last Tuesday I had to bring it in along with my desktop to the Geek Squad.  It is normally a $150.00 fee but they are doing it as part of my monthly membership at no […]


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