Aug 10, 2017

Que Pasa

For one thing we still have fires and smoke.  Quite frankly we are immensely tired of all this thick heavy smoke.  You can practically touch it as well as smell it.  We haven’t seen the sun for over two weeks now, somewhat depressing.

The geese are now having their siesta on our beach.

Colin keeps a dog bed full of dog toys in a corner. He used to get down on the floor with the girls 2 -3 times per day and play like a kid. They loved it.

This where we decided to place our angel girls.  The heron window represents our place on the Isla.  I like how the colors work.

I showed you the internet online store photos but these are mine. Carmeh always snuggled when she napped.

This is how Caeli often slept. She of course is the one who would roll on her back to have her tummy rubbed.

I had all the emails I had sent to my parents collated, one for each winter we were away.

I will always be thankful that my sister printed these for my parents and that my dad kept them for me.

Just this last Monday I found a large envelope in the last area I was cleaning out.  In it were all the emails from the winter of 2003 -2004.  It was the first year that I had started sending out a travelogue.  There were not a lot of pages.  In those days we had no computer to travel with.  As a matter of fact we had just started to use an iMac which now would be called a dinosaur.  The RV parks had computers that you could use but they were all PC’s which I had no idea how to use unless someone helped me, so my emails were very few and far between.

I have now had this last batch of emails collated and have reread that year.  So very precious, so many memories.  We had just moved here in the summer of 2003, the year of the fires.  In fact we evacuated in our RV the day after we took possession of our site.  Fortunately we were able to return the next day once the fire was tamed.  That was the October we got Carmeh and we didn’t leave here until early December.  Our RV pipes froze driving the Coquihalla to Vancouver.  It was also the first winter that we RVed to mainland Mexico.  So many great things that first year.  Perhaps I will recreate those posts for you.  I have to think about it, perhaps just thru photos of the words.  We have all the photos we have taken over the last thirty years but I had lost the words, the stories and most important certain memories and experiences like RV tire blow outs 🙄

I am guilty.  But then I was an RN.


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4 Responses to “Que Pasa”

  1. George Yates says:

    So nice to have all those memories to look back on. Just seeing what you did for all those years.

  2. Great idea to bind each year. I love your heron picture. Absolutely beautiful. We too have had the smoke for about the same time, only really have gone outside to run errands and to walk Buddy. I am hoping that it does rain like they say it will this weekend to clear some out. Otherwise I will have to wait until Wednesday when we get to Ucluelet as the other side of the island gets way more wind and hasn’t had the same smoke issues. Hubby’s asthma and allergies are acting up, grateful he only has mild asthma or we would be in trouble.

  3. Janet Ashworth says:

    Love the cartoon! All doctors should post this the “little” room. I too am guilty, what would we do without Dr. Google?
    We too are tired of the relentless smoke, can’t believe many of us are stating that we are looking forward to winter.
    While in the basement looking for photos (ten years now that stuff in boxes)it is amazing what you find. Photos all lined up in a row now! Ready for next evacuation.
    Thanks for sharing your memories with us.

  4. SandyM says:

    Hi Contessa, really liked the Heron photo you posted July 31 and especially like the stain glass Heron window(?). My sister lives in Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island, Washington State and while talking to her this week she mentioned the smoke from the BC fires that is effecting their area. She said in late afternoon when they are lucky enough to see the sun for a bit that it is an orange ball as it sets. I can only imagine how bad it must be for you. Hoping better days and clearer, cleaner air is soon back to your area.

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