Aug 08, 2017

RV problems, etc.

A now normal sunset for us. The sun it self is red but you can’t get a photo of that.

Colin’s plan yesterday morning was to go and clean the RV.  It came back full of dust from Freightliner.  We had lived in it in May while evacuated due to the flooding and it was not dirty when we took it into them about five weeks ago.  Perhaps they left a window open, we know that it was not us.  So while I did my morning walk and continued to purge thru paperwork Colin was going to clean the RV from top to bottom.  Only thing was that when he got there,  the house batteries were dead.  Last Thursday evening when we brought it back here he basically drove it home and we parked it in the dark.  Yesterday Colin realized that he could not put the steps down nor open the slides never mind start the generator.  He checked and double checked and did as much trouble shooting as be he could including checking the inverter.

A hand held, thus out of focus, of a smokey moon shot. But you get the idea of the color.

You can see our new storage compound from here but to drive there is about 3-4 miles.  We can walk there from here but can’t get a car through the cement barricades that cross the rail trail.  The walk from here in less than 10 minutes.  It would be great if we could take the golf cart but we don’t think it would fit between the two cement blocks.  We haven’t tried yet for lack of time plus  the golf cart is not insured off the park premises.

It is easy to observe that smoke fills the air.  It is difficult to see but the last block against the fence on the left is our storage site, just left of the telephone pole. The RV park is just where the line of greenery is.  We asked to be away from the others as we will eventually need to open the slides in order to clean our carpets.  The sites here are narrower than what we have here in the park.  Management says that once things settle down with the ground water that they will rebuild our storage lot.  Hopefully!

Colin eventually drove back here and together we walked over to check the batteries with his special meter which was here in our shed.  The batteries were each between 1 -2 volts.  What caused them to discharge?  Did Freightliner hit a switch and turn something on?  There is no way to prove that.  I only know that Colin is extremely diligent and systematic when it comes to the RV.  Heck, each time he gets in and moves it even an inch he automatically locks the door behind him as he enters.

So late yesterday afternoon he got permission from the manager of the storage area to use the only electrical outlet so that he could plug in the RV and try and charge the batteries.  So we walked back again to move the RV close to the electrical outlet.  This morning the batteries had only charged a bit, it take a long while on 15AMP.  By this evening they were getting better.  So he unplugged and moved the RV back to our rented storage spot.  Colin figures that when he goes back on the weekend to clean, that by running the generator which now starts, that the batteries will totally recharge.  We can only hope that the batteries will hold their charge.  The last thing we need to do is buy new batteries, these are only a few years old.  All I can say yet again is that this has not been an easy year.

Our set up re charging with 15 AMPS.  The extension cord runs right back to the fence you see in the background.

Checking that the batteries are starting to take a charge.

The sun about 10AM today. It was only this morning that I realized that with my two extra walks to the RV yesterday that I was only 46 steps away from doing a 14,000 step day yesterday.

It is obvious to us that each day the smoke is becoming thicker.  I do believe that this morning was the worst.  My photos over the past week confirm it.

The BC Wildfire Service says that 11 fires were started before noon today alone.  Meanwhile motorists continue to stop at the side of the road to put out fires.  I read that at the last such incident that they were using their bare hands to pick up clumps of dirt to try and smother the fire.  They were successful.

Thanks to them and another 108 bomberos/firefighters who have arrived from Mexico.  This just in on the latest forecast……

“Heavy smoke from the fires continues to pose a health risk for infants, the elderly and people with chronic health conditions, and is causing poor visibility on some highways.

An air quality advisory from Environment Canada that already covered the southern half of the province has now expanded north past Smithers.

Skrepnek says while there is still no significant rain in the forecast, inflow winds from the ocean are expected to roll in by Friday and clear the smoke hanging over the south coast.”

So that means that Colin is going to be scrambling to get some jobs done this weekend if indeed the smoke clears.  Mind you it does say coast and we are inland but it will probably help.  Fingers crossed.

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8 Responses to “RV problems, etc.”

  1. Hopefully a windshift on Friday will clear the air in the lower mainland. Meanwhile it will stay dry, but on Sunday some light rain might happen. Soon we will be complaining about the relentless rain… ?

  2. George Yates says:

    Too bad about the batteries hope they come back. Most coaches have an AUX start button on the dash, to jump start the house batteries or the engine batteries has worked for us and is a wonderful feature. Good luck with the fires.

    • Contessa says:

      Yes George we have that button for the generator and even that would not work, that is how drained the batteries were.

  3. Sandie says:

    I’ve read several blogs this morning with folks having issues with their rigs. Hope it’s not catching. We have smoke down here too. And they were saying on the weather this morning that the smoke from your fires will be blown in this week-end. Hope all the firefighters coming in will help get your fires under control.

    • Contessa says:

      I guess that wind that we are expecting will be sending the smoke your way. I hope that it won’t be too bad for you.

  4. Our smoke is still heavy but not quite as bad as that. Looks overcast each morning as the sun is blocked out then you can gradually see more sun later. We see rain in our 10 day forecast but only a 20 percent chance, hope it comes if nothing else than to get rid of the smoke. This definitely is not your guy’s year. Hopefully the issue with the batteries will sort itself out.

    • Contessa says:

      Not much we can do but take it one day at a time and hope for the best. Good to hear that things are a bit better for you over there.

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