Aug 06, 2017

Taking time off from the computer

It is a long weekend here in Canada and I decided to treat myself and stay away from the computer for at least 24 hours.  I mostly did stay away but a few times I did check emails.  It was a real freedom to just turn the computer off and do other things.

Because of the many ducks and geese and the mess they leave in the water many don’t swim in our lake. This fellow just bought the site two over from us,  the end of June and is really enjoying it.

Yesterday we deep cleaned the house.  What else are you going to do on a hot hot day with smoke all around?  Stay inside and clean.  We were most happy with how it felt once done.  Not so much this late this morning when I noticed a layer of dust on everything.  We generally only turn the A/C on about noon or 1PM and then shut it when it cools down to 80F about 9PM.  Then the windows are all open and when the wind blows, the dust comes in.  Of late we have had some soot and ash come in.  Not so easy keeping the house clean.

My self imposed task today was for me to clean out two  24 – 35 inch stacks of paperwork.  Meanwhile Colin cleaned out old files in his storage area. We never discussed this project but is just seemed to evolve on its own.  Bit by tiny bit, shelf by shelf, closet by closet, drawer by drawer we are going though the house and purging unneeded things and boxes of paper.

Long time readers will remember that I have had problems with burning eyes over the years. I found this special photo earlier today. Here I am laying on the bed in the RV on this Isla.  I have a warm damp cloth over my eyes.  As soon as I lay down the girls came up the ramp and surrounded me with love and protection.  That is Carmeh with her head on my leg.

Old letters and cards are being read.  Some are discarded but many are being kept to read and enjoy in the years to come.  Today I reopened an envelope post marked Dec 21, 2009.  It contained a $100.00 gift card for Earls restaurant.  No idea how it got lost in all the other papers but it was a gift all over again.  I re read wonderful cards from a dear friend who I met just before grade 7.  We don’t see each other often but she always sends wonderful greeting cards with every space covered with her thoughts.  So very special to read them again.  Of course they are going into the re read pile in a few years.  I also found a postcard that my Mom had sent me when I was 10 years old, signed Mommy.  My parents had been on a quick trip to Vancouver from Edmonton.  A very special memento.  The stamp cost 5 cents.

No sense talking about the fires other than that they continue.  I read today that ….Wildfires burning across the province have charred 591,000 hectares, about the size of Prince Edward Island, said a BC Wildfire Service spokesperson on Sunday.  At the moment 127 fires continue to burn.

Quite the exhaust system.

Life on the Isla is much simpler.

Earlier this spring the girls tended to hang here in the mornings.  They were always together.

We’ve all seen this before but it is good to remember it again.


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  1. George Yates says:

    Taking days off is good for your health, glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Purging through your stuff is a great pasttime. We do it on a regular basis… The local hospice society is a convenient drop off place for stuff that still has a use.

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