Aug 04, 2017

Development of the rail trail

I spoke about the rail trail in a post last August, click here for that. You even get a wonderful view of our golf course and the creek before the flood.  I explain in that post how this used to be a rail corridor that is now being converted metre by metre in a wonderful trail for walkers, hikers, bikers and folks on horseback.

The trail will run close to 50km/31miles.  It is the red line above.  Our lake is the tiny one next to the trail about 2/3 down.

Chase Wines, a new vineyard here in Lake Country donated the construction of 1km of the trail so that we could see how it would appear once completed.  A great incentive to have more folks donate funds.  The three photos at the bottom show the development.  Last weekend was the official opening of that 1km of trial and it was well received.

This is pretty much how the trail looked once the rail ties were removed.  Some parts have much more loose gravel and rock than others.  The girls did not enjoy walking the rough trail.

This is the first phase of the official 1km showing the existing trail as is.  Certainly usable.

The sign reads ‘start of the rail trail 1km test section.  You can see how it has been widened and flattened.

It is so very easy to walk along and the bikes were speeding past us.  Many families on bikes were also enjoying this developed section.  The scenery is wonderful and one has to remember that many miles will run parallel to three of the lakes providing even more wonderful vistas.

There are existing trails that go off the rail trail for the more adventuresome hikers.

Certainly not a boring walk.

This is an example of an existing agricultural crossing.  We spoke with the farmer whose home was behind us in this photo.  He was asking the walkers their opinion on having some tables and chairs and selling water, drinks, snacks and ice cream.  Quite the entrepreneur.  We told him that we would certainly take a break and buy a cone from him.

So many styles of bikes were out to try the trail that day.

We are so very fortunate that this is just outside the gate to our park.  The trail is well ahead of expected for this time.  It is more that 50% funded.  I believe that in less than two years this  is where I will be doing my walking.  Not so sure about biking.  I am really not that steady on a bike and am in constant fear of falling and damaging my two titanium hips.




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7 Responses to “Development of the rail trail”

  1. George Yates says:

    Love the rail trails I have walked and road quite a few of them, in various different places years ago.

  2. I am not too keen on bikes either. There is little damage I can do to my body taking a walk (still possible based on my klutz factor). Really great area to walk – were those pictures taken this week? We have far more smoke than you do!

  3. Debbie says:

    We look for rails to trails to bike or walk when we are traveling. They a truly a treasure.

  4. chris says:

    That is really going to be nice and make for great walks. The donate for a meter is a way to make it happen and get people involved. Very cool!

  5. Upriverdavid says:

    That’s nice that the landowners next to the trail are figuring out a way to welcome the trail riders.
    In Wenatchee they have been fighting it for years, even though it is not their property…Now they are against the horse-folks after years of them using the trails…All I can say is Sheesh!…..

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