Aug 01, 2017

August calendar girls, angels and more

Our August calendar page.  Carmeh is on the left.

When we got home in April, I searched online for hours looking for the perfect  memento of our girls and finally found what we decided was perfect for us.  Sadly one of the items was out of stock and we only finally received our order the other day and we just opened the parcel today.  The photos are from the website.

This little angel is for Carmeh. It came with a tiny bit of black paint missing on it’s nose.  Carmeh had a pink spot on her nose in the same place, the result of Caeli scratching her during a tussle.  This is exactly how she would curl up and sleep.

Doesn’t this little angel look like our Caeli who loved to lay on her back?

A very special thank you to the Mexicans who are on their way to BC to help with the fires and many thanks to all the Americans who are helping, as well as those who have come from across Canada.  We are so very grateful.

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6 Responses to “August calendar girls, angels and more”

  1. Connie & Barry in DE says:

    Adorable mementos of the girls!!

  2. I had heard about the Australians but not the Mexicans who were helping with the fires. The weather changed and suddenly we have heavy smoke here…we had been lucky for so long, can’t imagine what those closer to the fires are experiencing. Love your figurines, they definitely look like the girls.

    • Contessa says:

      Sorry you have to deal with the smoke. We are almost used to it by now other that the fact that we can’t work.

      Colin has started to rub the tummies of the figurines as he passes 🙂

  3. Gramma Katie says:

    ANGELS and more , loved these two puppies !!!

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