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Aug 31, 2017

Laptop update, etc.

It is official that the hard drive on our two year old laptop, that only gets used 2 or 3 times per month, is toast.  As they say it was a lemon.  Only this lemon requires a $750.00 replacement hard drive.  Something about the year and model and I think I heard the words solar […]


Aug 29, 2017

We now have the answer

My post yesterday wondered where all the smoke was coming from.  It appears that our neighbors from the south are having some serious fire issues. I have heard and have no idea if this is true, that the US does not fight fires as we do here in Canada.  They rather tend to let them […]


Aug 28, 2017

Where did it come from?

The local fire is now about 20% contained and the smoke has not been a major issue until today.   Actually I think we are just all getting used to living in a hazy world. I seriously thought there was another fire but I couldn’t find anything in the news.  However is was so bad […]


Aug 27, 2017

Next time we will have to stay longer

I want to start by letting all our American friends and readers know that we are following Harvey and all the devastation and heart break.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. The latest local fire is 20% under control and just over 200 families were allowed to return today.  The other 400 plus […]


Aug 26, 2017

Where did we go on our mini trip?

We flew to Edmonton last Tuesday morning.  This was my annual trip to see my outstanding chiropractor.  He is one of three in all of North America that uses this type of diagnostic treatment.  This particular process was invented by a doctor in Australia and is taught only in Europe.  I believe that this was […]


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