Jul 29, 2017

Photos and captions

These are bugs flying around our outdoor light. We seem to have many more insects than normal this year. Then there are the millions of spiders….their webs are not one of my favorite things.

I went to Kelowna Friday to do an errand and to grocery shop.  The sign says ” EVACUEES REPORT TO ” and then flashes to the address.  Just another sign of of current times.  No I am not going into new or expanded fires tonight.

Some of those logs are rather large.

Thank you for your suggestions as to how to deal with all of our old paperwork and photos.  I think the best way to deal with the six years of travelogues that my Dad saved for me is to have them collated into mini books.  There is way too much material to scan.  I will just add the photos to a box of others that we have.   There is just too much info to put up on Box ( our cloud ).  It takes too much time to upload.  We store our business photos three times in three different hard drives plus the clients get their photos on a USB flash drive ( high end JPGS and TIFFS, each image is as big as one half of a CD ) as well as the option to download regular JPGS ( 20 megs each image ) from the cloud.  Our photos of our home as recorded of our possessions for insurance purposes were too large to upload to the cloud so we had to use a 16GB flash drive and then rent a safe deposit box to store it in.

In addition to photos I put on our blog Colin goes through all our photos annually and chooses hundreds and hundreds that we get printed out at Costco and he puts them into an album.  It’s just the way we do things.  Maybe we are old fashioned but that is who we are.

After I got out of my car at Costco yesterday I noticed the car next to me had both windows open and a dog laying very low on the seat.  It was panting deeply and frequently.  It did not respond to me poking my head in the window but I did not try to rouse it as I think it was in a deep sleep but not in danger.  I was still very concerned for the dog.  You can see the bowl of water on the divider between seats but it was 35C/95F outside, not to mention the increased heat inside the vehicle.

As I got to the door of Costco I asked the employee checking memberships to call the police about the dog.  I explained that I had no cell phone and he said that he would gladly deal with it.  By the time I returned to my car the car with the dog was gone.  I still don’t have my cell phone.  Both Best Buy and Costco now are selling it.  I am still holding back as I really want to get my phone from Walmart as I know that the two tech guys there will help me learn how to use the phone and will be there for me for as long I need help with my iPhone 6.

I made a great dinner last night called Gramma’s Goulash. A one dish meal ready in 30 minutes. It was great.  A base of veggie ground round ( or hamburger for you ), tomatoes & sauces and spices, a bit of pasta and 1/2 cup of cheese.

Not a great photo but this was two girls walking a pig down the street and crossing at a crosswalk.

It turned a bit here.  I was about a block away when I took this.  Okay cats on a leash but a pig!

Gosh just as I am writing this post at about 11:30PM Colin comes up to me with a handful of pesos.  He was emptying the pockets of the shorts he wore today.  800 pesos!  I guess he hasn’t put those shorts in the wash since we got back from Mexico the middle of April.  He says that he has over 12 pairs of beige shots alone.  Some are cargo, some are old, some are dress up, some are for clients, some have many pockets 🙄

Why oh why would you pay $1.99 for four thin slices of watermelon ( top left ) when you can get 1/4 of a watermelon for $1.49.


Have to dash….still have 600 steps to walk before midnite 😉



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8 Responses to “Photos and captions”

  1. George Yates says:

    Gotta love walking your pig down the street on a lease, we did see one this spring in a campground apparently they make great pets.

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks for having them call about the basset hound. Most likely was sound to sleep but way too hot even with the windows open. It was good to see someone else with basset hound hair on their ‘dog hair magnet’ car seats besides me. I cannot figure out why anyone would buy just slices of watermelon because I have to force myself not to eat a whole watermelon at one sitting. I left my basset hound, Harry in the car one time up in the PNW, temp was in the 40’s. Temps were not the problem though … when he sat in the drivers seat looking out the window for me, he thought it might be better to lean up against the horn. LOL

  3. The price of watermelon is ridiculous unless you buy a whole one most of the time. We buy a big one an then chop Mom a half/quarter off. Between the 3 of us we can usually eat one in 4-7 days. So sad that humans think it is ok to let pets sit in a 35 degree car. Glad you called the police.

    • Contessa says:

      I just wish someone had called the police on behalf of the dog that died in the car the other in Coquitlam.

  4. Dolores T says:

    I am impressed with you getting all your ‘steps’ in. Almost gets me enthused to DO something!! Good going!

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