Jul 13, 2017

We had some wiener dogs visit us

A few evenings ago Rollo ( a chocolate doxie ) and Jayce came to visit us and the girls.  We had to explain about the girls.

We met this family several years ago. They are from Calgary, Alberta and RV here almost every year and when they do we get together a few times.  I have mentioned them in posts years past.

Like our girls they like to stay close to each other.  Rollo moved just as I snapped the shot.  It was a bittersweet visit.  We know that they are leaving tomorrow but we could not bring ourselves to visit with them another time.  It is still too difficult for us.

We found out that Jayce only loves to play with balls and so Colin brought out Carmeh’s favorite for him to play with.  It moves because of a battery in it.  Carmeh was able to turn the ball on or off just by using her toe nail.  She was so very clever.  At first Jayce was perplexed by this constantly moving ball but he eventually began to touch it.  When they left he looked longingly at the ball, he wanted to take it home.  Sorry Jayce.

The winds blew in the right direction for us today.  Colin was able to get 1.5 jobs done.  If the clouds clear in Vancouver tonight he will be off very early in the AM to do a large size helicopter aerial job.  Fingers crossed please.  This is a really important one.

I was happy to see this headline late this afternoon.  Meanwhile I read about another incident where several passerby stopped and with their feet stamped out a road side fire likely caused by a…..butt!

However the fires aren’t anywhere near close to becoming under control.  Strong winds are in the forecast for the weekend.  No rain in the forecast.  I can’t imagine a career as a wildfire  firefighter, it must be brutal.  My nephew from Alberta is one of them.  For all I know he might be here helping fight these fires.

Thanks for taking the time to stop in and check the Que Pasa of it all.


UPDATE…less than 2 hours after posting, these dogs and their parents came by.  I had forgotten that we had lent them fencing material to keep their dogs on their site and they were returning it.  Apparently Mom ordered a dog thrower on Amazon yesterday ($130.00 ) for Jayce.  Lucky dog 😀    It was a very difficult visit for me and I am still weeping.  They are not from Calgary but from Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.  Safe travels……


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10 Responses to “We had some wiener dogs visit us”

  1. We had a lot of wind today here in Comox, no smoke in sight because of it, not sure what Vancouver is like though. Fingers crossed he can complete his job.

    • contessa says:

      Hopefully you will be spared the smoke. Today we are smoke free and Colin is in Vancouver. So far so good.

  2. George Yates says:

    Nice to have some company drop by for a visit even if it was emotional.

    • contessa says:

      It was a nice visit. They didn’t know how hard it was for me, I only cried after they left. It just added a bruise to my heart.

  3. A few showers in greater Vancouver on Thursday, but not enough. What is a dog thrower???

  4. Sandie says:

    I can just feel in my heart how hard that must have been for you. I understand why you wouldn’t want to see them for another visit. Hugs. Our weatherperson is telling us that there is no relief in sight until Fall from the high temps and the fire danger. I’m really glad they fined that guy for the butt. But I think the fine needs to be more.

  5. chris says:

    What a great visit!

  6. susie says:

    So hard being around the wiener dogs, still so raw.. Yes bigger fines for stupid people and they should have to help put out the fires!!

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