Jul 12, 2017

The calm before the fires

Last week, the night before the full moon, we sat outside and watched the moon rise.  It was a clear night and the air was pure and sweet.

A peek inside our home from the patio.

The geese were out enjoying the evening with a late night swim.

A few days earlier Colin had rearranged our rocks displaced by the flood and set up our outdoor rope lights.

The next night was the full moon. Little did we know that that was the end of sitting outside and just enjoying our yard.

As of this morning there are 14,365 evacuees.  The City of Williams Lake alone, has 10,000 people on evacuation alert.  As of this morning there are 163 wildfires burning.  78,000 hectares of land has burned in the province of BC since April 1st.  Finally, just this afternoon the fire closest to us in Princeton is 10% under control.  The forecast is for heavy wind and thunderstorms.

Today we had a bit of a break and saw some blue sky, but as per above that won’t last long.

Meanwhile today a barge has started the clean up of Lake Okanagan.  Much debris is floating about in the form of broken docks, unregistered and unclaimed boats, barrels and trees.  Our province is in a mess.

First the City of Kelowna was under a state of emergency because of the flooding and now the entire Province of BC is under a state of emergency due to the fires.  Meanwhile closer to home, ground water is rising in yet another area of our park.  Trucks continue to pump out our sewage treatment plant.  If that is compromised we will all be evicted from our homes.  It appears that the solution is simply one of rerouting a large creek 😯  Not an easy feat.   Oh, the RV remains at Freightliner and it appears that the steering issue may have been located.  The final figures are not in but they will be high 🙁

Will it ever end?

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4 Responses to “The calm before the fires”

  1. George Yates says:

    Things sure are a mess out there hope they improve at some point.

  2. Sure hope you get some much needed rain to douse those forest fires. Kevin has a cousin and family that live 3km or so from 100 Mile House that have be evacuated because of the fires. So far their house is okh and so are all the buildings in town but just outside of town on the opposite side from them some people have already lost their houses, so w are keeping a close eye on what is happening there. 🙁

    We got some rain the other night but not enough to lift the fire ban at the park here.


  3. You guys definitely got handed a crappy summer. We are just finally seeing a tiny bit of smoke here now, mainly because there has been decent wind off the Ocean blowing it quickly over the island to the mainland. Things are tinder dry here…just hoping no more fires start in BC. I’ve made my donation to the Red Cross, all I can do at this point to help. I went to highschool in Quesnel and many I went to school with still live there and are on a day by day basis as to whether they will be evacuated. So sad.

  4. chris says:

    Great picture of your house!

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