Jul 07, 2017

From bad to worse

First we had the floods and now we have the fires.  BC is burning.  Fire season is here.

There are several fires all over the province.  In fact the new fire base facility in Williams Lake that Colin was sent to photograph in early June in now surrounded on all four sides by fire and at any moment they will have to evacuate the base as the runway is under fire at one end.

Meanwhile here in our park the ground water continues to rise. They have now started pumping out the parks sewage treatment plant. The ground water is now cropping up everywhere including the vegetable gardens.

I tried to find some beauty during my morning walk.

The water in the streets is now smelling putrid.  I wash my feet after every walk.  People with dogs are being cautioned to keep their dogs away from the standing water…Beaver Fever has been mentioned among other things.

Found this cute guy just hanging about.

I spoke to the owner of this condo.  She was evacuated as we were, however her life is far from returning to normal.  She looks out onto a few rows of sand bags and a road full of silt damp with ground water and listens to the not so quiet noise of two pumps working to get that water out of the area.  I told her that her lovely flower garden was an oasis in the mess.  I didn’t take a closer photo as I wanted to respect her privacy.

I had never met her before but today we exchanged names.  We were survivors of the flood.  As I turned to leave she asked where my dogs where.  I simply said that we had to leave them behind in Mexico and that I couldn’t discuss it.  Even now as I type this I have tears.

That is Caeli in the lead which is/was a first.  Carmeh is/was trying to keep up.

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6 Responses to “From bad to worse”

  1. George Yates says:

    So many issues there from flooding to fires, does not sound like fun. Will get better soon, right?

  2. With two more weeks of warm sunny weather in the forecast, there will be little relief for the firefighters. All that’s missing is earthquakes… We are the new California…

  3. We keep seeing all the fires on the news and in my Facebook feed from friends where I went to highschool (Quesnel). Some of them are being evacuated. Very sad.

  4. I’ve been keeping an eye on facebook, Kevin has several relatives in 100 Mile House so I am watching their posts carefully to make sure that they are ok. Hopefully they can get these fires under control quickly. We are wondering when we will have a fire ban here at the park. Everything is so dry and we have 8 sprinklers going none stop 24/7 trying to water our trees and grass.


  5. Upriverdavid says:

    Today on the news was the 1st story about your fires up North of me..Again I don’t get it..I’d rather know about our friends up north of me than….
    We have several lighting up down here, I-90 was closed today at Vantage. Just the beginning I’m sure, I have my waterlines and sprinklers set out on my property..
    I also have a back-up generator for the pumphouse if the power goes out..
    Best wishes,

  6. Bob McLean says:

    Those first two photos are scary as hell. I still vividly remember how close the fire came to the old house where I spent the first 10 years of my life. The smell of the smoke and sight of the flames is truly scary. It’s something that stays with a person forever it seems.
    Best of luck. Hope there’s some rain coming.

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