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Jul 21, 2017

Que pasa



Jul 20, 2017

1942 Ford

Thank you all so very much for your kind comments on our 30th anniversary.  It really is quite a milestone and I appreciate you all being a part of it. Last Saturday we stopped at Walmart to do some research on an iPhone for me.  The time has come for me to join everyone else […]


Jul 18, 2017

Thirty years today

We started going out in 1986 during Expo 86.  I like to tell everyone that I only went out with Colin as he had a press pass and that got us to the front of often long lines into all the pavilions.  Thirty years ago we got married in Vancouver on an extremely hot day.  […]


Jul 17, 2017

On a lighter note…..

…life moves on.  The fire continues to burn but is 75% contained.  The evacuation alerts have been rescinded and only 58 homes remain evacuated. Fortunately Colin has enough photoshop work to complete after his aerial work last Friday to keep him busy for a few days.  We got a new client today and have a […]


Jul 16, 2017

Compared to what we saw, it must have been hell on the ground

I wrote the previous last night.  It took awhile for me to settle down and go to bed.  The good news is that the winds did die down during the night.  This morning the size of the fire was upgraded to 55 hectares and was still ranked a 2 – 3.  We have had strong […]


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