Jun 18, 2017

Crazy weekend

No idea what I did yesterday morning but it was computer related.  I fear that I am becoming addicted to this machine.  Meanwhile Colin got busy cleaning the inside of our home.  This is the first moment that has been free to clean.  Remember all the cobweb covered boxes we brought inside from our crawl space just before we were evacuated.  Not to mention all the spiders and other critters that were attached 👿   I finally got up and started to help.  Mid afternoon we headed out to a clients home in Peachland for a showing of Toller Cranston’s art.  In his final years he settled in San Miguel in Mexico.  He was a Canadian figure skating legend who died at 65 in January of 2015.  I have read and seen photos of how wonderful his home was.  I was so involved in the moment that I neglected to take photos of the art.  Afterwards we went out for dinner and then I had an early bedtime.

Today was more cleaning but outside.  Colin is a whiz and has high energy, I don’t.  I admit to not being of any help today.  It was nice to get the rest of the debris off our patio and to have it power washed.  I had to interrupt his cleaning spree so that we could attend a celebration of life.  Sadly in the last three months we have had three deaths on our street.  Today was for one of the very special ladies.  Of course I cried but not only for her but also for the girls.

When I went to bed last night I asked Colin what he was doing as he was on the computer and he said ” I’m looking at my girls”.  I have cried a few times this weekend and always for our girls.

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5 Responses to “Crazy weekend”

  1. Connie & Barry in DE says:

    They were so special and so loved – beautiful photo of the girls – ((((hugs to you both))))!

  2. Sandie says:

    Almost a year later and I still burst into tears over Scooter. It’s okay because we love them so much.

  3. George Yates says:

    So many great memories of all the fun times you had with the girls. So precious.

  4. When we were in San Miguel we walked past Toller’s house bordering Park Juáres. It still had his name on the door, but the house was being completely renovated into appartments.

    You will be missing the girls for a long time, they were special.

  5. We met with Toller Cranston in his home when we were in San Miguel back in 2012. His house and gardens were amazing! He gave us a tour of his house and showed us a lot of his art work. He didn’t just paint either, he was also a sculptor and worked with glass, plus he was a collector of art. His house was packed to the brim with art of all kinds. It was a day I will always remember.


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