Jun 14, 2017

What was I thinking?

Will the merry-go-round ever slow down?  It is obvious that I have not dealt with jet lag in over twenty years.  As I mentioned yesterday, Monday was spent catching up on emails and a variety of business issues.  I did fall asleep half way through dinner.  Yesterday I ran errands in the afternoon including bank deposits, groceries and an appointment with my eye doctor.  For those who run a business ( Living on the Cheap ) you know how long it takes to deal with all the small stuff.  Gosh she has already started doing laundry after her trip to Greece 🙄   Maybe tomorrow for me.  Oh I almost forgot, we also brought the Jeep in at 8:00AM yesterday to start the prep for towing it behind the RV.

My eye appointment yesterday was major as I have had problems in the last several months reading.  I especially noticed it in Venice as I could not read maps unless they were large print.  I figured it was my left eye and as it turns out it was.  Overall my eyes are in great shape but my vision in the left has has changed.  I have three pair of glasses with my current RX.  The plan is to change both lenses in my favorite black glasses which just got repaired.  We had a joyous reunion yesterday.  They are my oldest and it warrants getting both the left and right replaced.  However once I get the new lenses and try them and are satisfied ( I am so very sensitive to changes re my eyes ) then I will likely only change the left lens in my green glasses and in my sunglasses.

Time seemed to be passing quickly yesterday as suddenly at 6:00PM we realized that we had to eat dinner and head out the door no later than 6:45PM.  Before we left, when I wasn’t tired from traveling, I had booked us tickets to a one night performance of “Broadway or Bust”.  I have been attending live theater, operas and symphonies for over fifty years and have never ever been to a performance that I did not enjoy, until last night.  Both of us called it ‘a Bust’.  Colin was ready to leave half way through the first act.  It was so hot in the theater that I was feeling faint.  However we stayed as I really wanted to give them a chance.  We stayed right to the end, three hours 😯  later.  This was our first time at this theater and it turns out that it was a graduating class ( still amateur ) from the Academy that they have been running for fifteen years and it just went on and on, almost like a talent show.  I would say that only about 30% of the music appealed to me.  However it is a lovely environment and well done.  We will give it another chance in the near future.  I am also curious to check out the Academy part vs the theater only part.

The ages ranged from 15 to 19.

Those that were graduating were moving onto further studies across Canada.

The following Venice photos were taken by Colin. How lucky am I to have him?

The architecture is amazing.

This morning I had a very small spot, about 1/4″, cauterized off my face. The second spot was merely a tiny tiny dot.  What is rather amazing ( and I am still reeling, actually I am doing wine therapy for pain as I type ) it that she did it without first freezing the area.  By doing that I did not have to pay and saved $100.00.  It was over and done in moments.

The Four Horses outside the Basilica ( and me ). The original Four Horses rest inside St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice after being plundered from Constantinople in the 13th century.

Basilica close up.

I will for certain be doing a proper write up with photos of our visit as it will serve as a diary of the trip.  However as usual for us ( don’t laugh Ken ) life keeps interfering.  Not to worry, Colin took over 1200 photos so there will be lots more to see.



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6 Responses to “What was I thinking?”

  1. rae says:

    You didn’t schedule yourself a day to collapse coming back from Venice?! 🙁

    Folks who don’t run their own business have no idea how much time is spent just managing the business. I spent almost an hour today just doing invoices, which is not billable time, of course. Still, I work cheaper than would a bookkeeper… 🙂

    I want to go to Venice. Nice job selling the city! 🙂

  2. ARIZONA GAL says:


  3. George Yates says:

    I agree with running your own business 10 years in my restaurant 70 to 100 hours a week doing it all and finally running out of steam.. Good luck with catching up.

  4. Bob McLean says:

    We really enjoyed Venice. We had driven there from Verona for the day. Seems odd I know, but there’s a parking garage on the outskirts and a train/shuttle type of arrangement.
    Only thing that was somewhat less than ideal was the motor fumes from some of the boats. Not terribly eco friendly I thought.
    Glad you had a grand time. Hope the jet lag subsides. It’s taken me a few days at this point.

  5. We got home Sunday and it’s now Thursday and we still have pretty bad jet-lag. I think it is because we got home so late on Sunday. Oh well, it has to go away sometime. Laundry I don’t mind, would much prefer it to housework. We unpack straight into the basket and I head straight to the washing machine. I did manage to clean part of the house yesterday, feel much better about that. This weekend will be the lawn and I have to put in one flower bed as I refused to before I left so Mom wouldn’t have to worry about watering it. I can easily see how Venice would be the perfect spot for a photographer, great pictures!

  6. Hello Contessa, good to see you are doing well! Venice wow that is a dream, I love the picture with you and the horses 🙂 Nice memory to keep.

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