Jun 09, 2017

Visited a few islands yesterday

These are just quick snaps for you to enjoy.  Proper posts will be forthcoming once I am home and suitably recovered from this whirlwind trip.

We started the day with views from the top of the bell tower in San Marco Square.

So many narrow alleys to navigate through.  We have gotten turned around a few times and one particular evening we went in circles.

Colin snapped this of me on our way to catch the boat.

No, not this one.

After several hours of walking around Murano known for its glass we stopped for a lovely lunch.  So many lovely pieces and we did buy a few small items.  That blue thing under the far umbrella is huge pieces of glass art in varying shades of blue.

DHL delivers.

Next stop was Burano  known for its lace and very colorful homes.  Colin got rather carried away here with photography.   I finally just sat an outdoor cafe and nursed a few glasses of wine.  Once he was done we enjoyed the best pizza ever.  If it wasn’t so far we would go there again tonight for our final meal in Italy.  I’m sure to do an entire post just with Colin’s photos.

The leaning bell tower of the old church off the main square.  We stayed late and were able to see the tourists leave and the locals emerge to enjoy their island again.  It must be horrible to have to endure an evasion of loud and rude tourists day after day.  The transformation was very moving and we were so fortunate to experience it.

Likely my only Venetian sunset.

A shot from a few days ago.  Of course this fabulous photo was taken by Colin.  Murano and Burano have a very different feel than Venice.

Sadly it is time to head out for our last full day in Venice.  The week went quickly but also seemed to be going very slowly as we were able to see so much each day.

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14 Responses to “Visited a few islands yesterday”

  1. George Yates says:

    Nice that you are able to get out and about exploring so many wonderful places

  2. Steve says:

    Beautiful pics … great choice for a vacation.

  3. rae says:

    Venice is one of the few super touristy places in Europe I still want to visit and your wonderful pictures are really giving me the itch to go! I hope that once you get home and have had a chance to rest you will pull out pictures of all the wonderful food you ate. 🙂

    I’m wondering if the city smells bad or if it’s like in Amsterdam, with the water being refreshed enough that there is no time for odours to build up.

    • contessa says:

      I have only smelt a stink from the water and that was from the Grand Canal and in the first two days that we were here and it was extremely humid. Nothing else since.

  4. When I hear see pictures of Venice I don’t believe that I have seen pictures of Burano and all the colourful houses. It is nice to see something different like that. Glad that you have enjoyed your week. This is one of the reasons that we didn’t go to Venice when we were in Italy in March, we knew that we just didn’t have enough time to see it properly, that and we were totally “citied” out by the time we hit Italy. Colin’s pictures are beautiful!


    • Contessa says:

      Other than the shot of me walking in the crowd and the last photo these were all taken by me. The only inexpensive thing in Venice is the water and the cheapest wine is around 5 euro. After a day you just have to forget trying to figure out the Canadian price and just go with the flow.

  5. We loved Venice. For us the best way was to just let yourself get lost in the city, and take a break when you feel like it. Enjoy your last day, it probably won’t be your last… You’ll be back.

  6. Dee Tillotson says:

    Since you were able to stay later in an area after the tourists left and the locals came out, was it improper to take photos of the locals enjoying their city and accomplishing their activities? That type of photo is so great, but often I feel as though I am invading their privacy. Through ignorance on my part, I have been chastised in a few countries for taking those photos. By the way, you two are masters of photography!

    • contessa says:

      When we post those photos, you can be the judge. However we are very careful to not be intrusive. We both felt it was a special time. In fact last night we decided that next time we come we might spend the night in Burano.

  7. chris says:

    Can’t wait to hear about the food and prices in Venice. Looks like a fun place to visit. Have you been to any museums?

  8. Don & Kathy says:

    Wonderful pictures – takes us back to 1970 when we were posted in Germany and had the opportunity to visit Venice, Rome, Madrid, etc. I am sure thing have really changed over 47 years. Always great memories though. Your pictures help us relive those days and enjoy your trip.

  9. Dolores T says:

    This is truly wonderful!!

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