Jun 02, 2017

Holiday Park golf course update and other things

The flood we endured appears to have wiped out our parks golf course. We walked over there the other day and were shocked at what we saw.

These condos next to the golf course had the worst damage with the water coming right into the units. I heard that at one point in was about 8 inches high on the lower floors.  They are no longer habitable and the electricity remains turned off.  I feel so much for these owners as they are no longer evacuated but have no home to return to.  We really were so very lucky.

The creek that runs down the hillside to feed our lake is filled with silt and muck as is the culvert.

The rush of water filled the normal route of the creek, so it created a new route.

That route brought a lot of debris down and damaged the course.

The creek has created a new route right through the course.  The creek continues to run.  You can see sandbags to the left which are trying to divert the flow of the creek away from the condos.

The first tee has disappeared.

Sadly this RV site has lost more than half of its property.  The land used to go past the edge of the shed on the far left.

I am really trying to be good and ice as much as I can. I really prefer the heat part of it.  I am also sitting on ice, like I said, I prefer the heat.

Yesterday a tree company with some huge equipment came in to remove some of the large trees that had come down behind the rec center because of the high water. I have not made it back there to see how much they removed.

This morning we heard a helicopter and then saw it flying low along our beach, then over the golf course before it took off. We suspect that is was either some officials doing an inspection or the media checking things out for the news.

Many of you may not be interested in this post but I have many readers who used to live here as well as friends who have visited us here, not to mention neighbors who are only here in the summer and who care a great deal about what is happening here at Holiday Park.

As for us, the lake is behaving and the carp are jumping.  Other than no bedding plants ( I have given up on getting them back ) we are doing well.  Even better we are packed and ready to leave in the morning.  The only negative thing is that my favorite eyeglasses were not able to be repaired before we left but the good news is that I have another pair so all is good.  Time for a light dinner and an early bedtime.  The next post will be sooner than you think 😀



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3 Responses to “Holiday Park golf course update and other things”

  1. George Yates says:

    Lots of flood damage there doe not look like fun.
    Travel safe and have too much fun.

  2. Hopefully, when you return from Italy, most of the debris will have been dealt with. Have a great holiday!

  3. Jannose says:

    Sad to hear about the golf course. Hopefully they can get it up and running at some point. Have a great vacation!

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