Jun 01, 2017

Latest Que Pasa and June calendar photo

Yesterday I saw my chiropractor and she commented on how swollen my right knee was.  I told her that the problem knee was my left one.  I guess I fell on both of them but perhaps with more force on the left.  I have not been icing/heating the right but now I have to do both as well as my back area.  She also suggested a knee brace which I got late yesterday.  It is a Tommie Copper compression sleeve which had copper and zinc threads throughout.  Since putting it on I have had no pain.  I only bought one and will switch it from side to side.  I have use the Tommie Copper shorts several years ago while I was awaiting hip surgery and I really like the product.  I plan to stop my Ibuprofen sometime Sunday and likely will not be icing while in Venice.  I have been increasing my walking over the last few days and went from only 3615 steps on Monday to 9156 Tuesday with less yesterday at 8099.  So far today I am at 6116.  I have confidence that I should do alright walking on our vacation.  Wow I started 5 of the last 6 sentences with ‘I’.

Our morning today was full of errands and this and that.  The main thing was stopping in to see our vet to thank her and the entire staff for always being there for us, most especially when we were in Mexico.  They always found time to answer my many medical questions or returned my calls and emailed me suggestions.  Dr. Susan teared up with us and told us we had given our dogs so very much over the years, actually above & beyond and that it was best to have handled it the way we did rather than have them suffer more.

Well Colin is packed and ready to go, clothes and all.  I spent most of the afternoon charging camera batteries, making sure that our our liquids were the correct amount, sorting out what I needed in my personal item, etc.  We are taking rolling carry on luggage.  Well of course we are.  Who carries heavy luggage in Venice?  If I see anyone, I’ll take a photo for you.  However I have not begun to deal with my clothes yet but I am not too concerned as I plan to go with black pants, skirts, long and short, and a variety of tops and perhaps a dress or two.  The weather at the moment is iffy with rain showers for two days.

Does anyone know if Airbnbs usually provide bathing soap or dish soap?  I guess we will find out.  We are getting an entire apartment so it will be interesting to see what there will be.

Here is the photo on our June calendar for this year.  Tears, enough said.

Caeli on the top and Carmeh on the bottom.  Mexico on the left and our bed here in Kelowna ( where they liked to hang out over the last year ) on the right.


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5 Responses to “Latest Que Pasa and June calendar photo”

  1. Barbara Lane says:

    My experience with Airbnbs both in the U.S. and Europe is that what is provided depends on the owner. Sometimes we’d find a bottle of wine, coffee, tea, eggs, bread, butter, milk, a tort of some kind or chocolates, bottled water, a basket of fruit…bathrooms well-stocked. Of course we’d be delighted at finding plenty to see us through the first day(s). Other times we’d find cupboards and refrigerator bare and nothing in the bathroom other than one roll of toilet tissue. The first thing we’d do after checking in is go to a grocery or neighborhood store and buy what we needed for the duration, however I always take my own toiletries and individual packets of detergent for washing clothes. Renting an apartment or house is the only way to go however. Much less expensive than a hotel and you aren’t confined to one room. Have a wonderful, safe trip!

  2. rae says:

    What Barbara said about the Airbnbs. I find the ones in Europe tend to have a bit more than the ones on this side of the pond, but what they stock varies from host to host. I’d say don’t count on having anything and be delighted if you do. Hope your place is wonderful!

  3. George Yates says:

    Sounds like are going to have an awesome time.

  4. Jannose says:

    You should be able to contact your AirB&B and they will tell you what they provide.

  5. Colleen says:

    Hope you enjoy your trip. I will always enjoy seeing pictures of the girls whenever you post them.

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