May 27, 2017

Que pasa

We were dropping a watch off for repair about 12 days ago and this home across the street had this lovely display of tulips.

On May 6th, two days before we were evacuated we bought close to $150.00 worth of bedding plants at a nursery plus 3 huge bags of soil at Costco.  The duck was just hanging around the store.

The day we evacuated Colin handed our two flats of plants over to someone to care for. He gave them to someone else  ?????  and he has headed to Alaska for the summer.  I have called everyone that I can think of and asked around and no one knows what happened to our flowers.  At this point we have decided to not plant  anything this summer.

While I was waiting ( because of my sore knee ) in the car at the wine store ( AKA liquor store ) I noticed this protest across the street.  They were protesting GMO foods.

I also saw this van stop in front of me at the light. Much as I tried I could not figure out what he was advertising.  “Doggies is just a Bark Away”

You could have fooled me.

We are totally unpacked. However the section of my tops is rather full…..might need to cull some soon.  Colin has been working very hard to move all the bins from the house to under the house.  What was not in a plastic bin now is.  It was bothering him so much that he just had to do it.  However we will wait until we get back from Venice to power wash the patio and set it up.

Good to know that some goose eggs survived the flood.

This morning I caught this older gosling making a break away from its parents ( far right ).  They were all headed to the right when the kid decided to head back to shore.  Fortunately the baby decided to head to the neighbors lawn instead of ours.  Photo taken from inside, hence the reflections.

We both spent several hours today researching Venice.  Yesterday I saw my MD and had an xray and the left knee was just fine as I suspected.  She did tell me that I for certain would have problems in Venice and offered a script for pain meds.  I declined as my preferred drug is vino……spelt that way in both Spanish and Italian.  Does that mean that I can now speak four languages?  She concurred with the chiropractor I saw on Friday that I needed to elevate and ice and heat back and forth.  Well I did do that yesterday from about 3PM till 10PM but not today.  I really did plan to but I got caught up in the research of it all.  We made great progress on the trip today, more on that another time.

While I worked ( yes I call intense research work ) in the 30C/86F heat today, this couple enjoyed the lake.

Almost time to say adios for this post or rather I should say arrivederci or ciao if you are being informal.  For the first time ever this year and quite likely the last time we ( well Colin is ) are going to BBQ Copper River salmon.  Please sit down before reading the next caption.

This is not a typo.  Yes that reads $89.99/kg which is approximately $40.99 per pound!

A good reason to be only enjoying once this season.  It is a very small piece of fish.  So glad we are not entertaining at this time of year as we often do.

I have to go as Colin refuses to put the salmon on the BBQ until I publish this post.  We can’t risk the fish being overdone.

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6 Responses to “Que pasa”

  1. George Yates says:

    That is a nice peace of fish, but sure not in our budget.

  2. Croft Randle says:

    I would put our Campbell River sockeye up against that any day and it would leave you with enough cash left over for a nice bottle of Okanagan wine and a desert of your choice!

    • contessa says:

      If you ever taste Copper River Salmon you will be able to tell the difference. I have tried all types of fresh salmon but this tops them all.

  3. Hubby loves halibut, around the same price but I managed to get a huge pack of halibut ends (really just strips, nothing wrong with them) for $11 enough for 4 dinners for him, I am not that keen on fish so will have chicken instead. We are going deep sea fishing for salmon in July though…hubby insists I make rooms for loads of fish in the freezer by then. Have you thought about wearing one of those tensor knee braces to help you while you are on holiday? I like the vino prescription, my preferred type as well. I am self medicating this weekend as due to the British Airways total cockup and all flights being cancelled yesterday and 1/3 today am fearing our holiday on Wednesday may see a very bumpy road 🙁

    • contessa says:

      So very sorry that you are caught up in all of this BA drama. I wish you well and hope that all goes well for your flights.

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