May 25, 2017

We are home

So very very happy to be here.  We got the RV unloaded in record time and even put back in the storage lot, all within 4.5 hours.  It helped that we brought a car load over yesterday and put it all away.  Today I had all sorts of bins prepacked so that when we arrived we only had to unload them.  Sadly I am not doing so well re my sore knee and I realized as I was unpacking that something was very wrong with my body.  We have the most wonderful chiropractor and she saw me with little notice just 30 minutes before a dinner party at her home.  My left Ilium was locked and creating many issues with the rest of my body.  So I have spent the last three hours icing then heat and repeat over and over.  The inflammation is what is creating my problems.  I really need this to clear up before our trip or I won’t be able to walk and that is what one needs to do to experience Venice.  Hopefully being home will relieve the stress and help me heal.  Of course I really need to be sitting at my desk checking out the many links on how to make our trip to Venice a good one rather than sit with my legs elevated.  I know that I should just let it ride and go with the flow once we arrive but I do need to know how to get from the airport to our Airbnb and which passes to buy re museums and which for the transport system, etc.

The snow pack that still has to melt.

The following is from a bulletin sent out by the Central Okanagan Emergency Operations Centre

It’s a phrase often heard during auctions and telethons: “Where are we going?” The response: ‘Higher’.

That’s the case with lakes, creeks and streams across the Central Okanagan during this ongoing weather driven response to flooding.

And in the next week, you can expect to see further increases as the melting snowpack in upper watershed elevations increases with daytime temperatures expected in the low 30’s late this weekend.

Tuesday night’s high winds are a good indication of what we could expect and perhaps more, as Okanagan Lake continues rising. This morning, Okanagan Lake was at the 342.98 metre mark, up three centimetres from yesterday. That’s just two centimetres below the projected 343 metre figure.

In response to this, local governments throughout the region are checking, monitoring and bolstering defences in place to protect critical infrastructure and upland areas. This is what private property owners along water bodies should also be doing. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best!

Meanwhile our lake has gone down just a titch since yesterday.  Sadly it looks very likely that a large portion of the City of Kelowna is going to experience flooding.

Having been on the evacuated side of this situation I feel so very badly for those now on evacuation alert.  Our city is entering record breaking conditions.


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8 Responses to “We are home”

  1. Steve says:

    Great to hear and see you are back in your home. Your vacation plans sound fantastic and well deserved after all you and Colin have been through the past few months. Have fun.

  2. George Yates says:

    Nice to be back home hope your back is better soon. If you have a laptop you can sit legs elevated and do your research.

  3. I am glad your lake is going down, you are probably right about what you said in your last post about them letting off water from the dam. Do the best you can with your leg. Worst case scenario take it easy the first couple of days you are in Venice. Take care!

  4. Connie & Barry in PA says:

    So happy for you to be back in your home!

  5. The bus system (Vaporetta) in Venice is excellent, so walking long didtances is not necessary. But walking is more fun… Also taxis are available. No matter what your body does, once you are there you’ll forget about the discomfort!

  6. Dee Tillotson says:

    Contessa, I know you have your plane tickets to Venice and accommodations through AirBnB. However, since you are a member of Costco, they may be able to help you with these little items, like ticket vouchers for museums and such and local transportation, by your picking up the phone and calling them. All you would need to do is decide in advance what you and Colin wish to see.

  7. Rod & Sylvia says:

    So happy to see you’re back home. I was perusing the CORD site, and their explanation about the disparity in water levels has to do with Duck Lake being fed by lower elevation snowpack, and that is all but finished for this season so it is dropping. Mission Creek is fed by Upper Level snowpack, and that’s only about 20% done and will increase rapidly with the high temps this weekend. I play ball next to Mission Creek next week, and it might be soggy.

    • contessa says:

      Well I wonder why the local powers that be are still saying that Beaver Lake is frozen. We normally don’t get out that run off until mid June. As long as our lake is not rising I am content.

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