May 21, 2017

Up, up and away we go

Two weeks from today we will have landed in Italy.  Venice, Italy to be precise.  In early April when we were trying to cope with the loss of our girls we decided that a holiday to somewhere new and in a manner that we have not done in a long while was in order.  We really needed something to shake up our routine and lifestyle.  A substantial change was in order.  Before dogs we flew all over the world traveling.  It did help that I used to work for Air Canada and we took advantage of that for ten years until our first fur kid arrived.

We have never traveled to Venice and who wouldn’t want to go there.  While Colin was in Winnipeg visiting Mommio in hospital and I was all alone in Vegas I started researching a trip.  I knew that we needed something to look forward to, something to take our minds off of our enormous loss.  At first I came upon a deal to Dubai but one week is not enough time to give that city and all it has to offer.  Then an email popped into my inbox and there it was, Venice.

Something that we could thoroughly enjoy in a short week.  We are not yet retired so that is all the time we can take off at the moment.  I know, such a waste to spend all that money on airfare for six nights in the city.  However the main focus of this trip is to shake up our lifestyle.  We haven’t flown anywhere together in over twenty years.  It is worth it to us.

However, who knew that once we got back to our home in Canada from Mexico that we would head out right away on a road trip to buy a new to us tow vehicle. Once back home with the Jeep we only had a few days before our lake started to rise and then we were flooded and evacuated.  Time has flown and we have been overloaded with little time to think.

Do you get the irony that we are going from being flooded to a city that floods annually?

So we are leaving in 12 days, very early morning and are still living in our RV.  By the way we did pack what we thought we would need for Venice when we were evacuated.  So stressful at the time.  Now we are likely going to be moving back home this coming Friday ( can’t do it sooner due to jobs….besides the way things are going, our lake may very well rise again ) which brings a whole new set of to do’s to get the RV unloaded and then put some semblance of order to our home.  We definitely won’t be going through all those bins before we leave 😯

However much as we anticipated the trip to Venice before being evacuated we are now scrambling to get prepared for the trip with what to see and explore while there.  Instead our time has been limited due to all the evacuation stuff and our business not to mention our colds and my fall which has not helped.  At the moment it appears that by the time we leave, I will be able to walk with no pain.  So if anyone has been to Venice and has some suggestions we would love to hear from you.

We are really excited about the new  adventure that is just around the corner.

There will be so much to see and do and I don’t want to miss a minute of it.

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11 Responses to “Up, up and away we go”

  1. Rod & Sylvia says:

    That’ll be fun. Go enjoy yourselves!

  2. Marie says:

    Among other things, we really enjoyed the tour of the Murano glass works, St. Mark’s Cathedral and a gondola ride. Wonderful restaurants and wines to be enjoyed. Put your troubles behind you when you board your plane and have a terrific time.

  3. Sounds fabulous! We loved Italy when we were there in March but just didn’t have time to make it to Venice, that will have to be saved for another trip. I am sure that you will love your time there, it will put you in a whole different state of mind. A nice change, something that you both need. Looking forward to your pictures and stories.


  4. Catheline says:

    Go and have a wonderful time and put home behind for now. I have never been overseas, I am excited to see and enjoy your trip through your photo’s.
    Can’t wait!!

  5. Shelagh says:

    We have been to Venice twice, walk, walk, and walk some more. The first time we were they we stayed in the more touisty areas. The second time I wanted to explore all the neighbourhoods from my Inspector Brunnetti series of books. We have some very special photos of real life in Venice. We did a gondola ride at about 7:00pm and got to see so much more as it was the end of the day and much more empty. Just remember the wind can pick up after dark and we saw many finely dressed rich folk looking rather green being tossed about on the Grand Canal. Peter loved the Doge’s Palace.
    We spent time in Piazza San Marco but did not sit down at the tables due to cost. Doing nothing in Venice is still exciting, you will have soon much fun and six days will be perfect.
    I can not wait for the photos. Ciao

  6. Wow! So glad you guys are still going. Don’t worry, you will be able to see and do everything you would like even if you wait until you book it there. Here is a list from Trip Advisor: I haven’t been to Italy but a friend said she absolutely loved visiting the Murano glass factory.

  7. Bill De_ _r says:

    We have only been to Europe once.
    Rome, Florence, Cinq Terre and Venice.
    Venice was amazing, You want to walk, take a map, you will get lost, meet other lost people, fine dinning everywhere. You don’t need any advice, the fun is in discovering it yourselves.

    Look up Rick Steves travel for Venice. We downloaded his travel guides, you wear ear plugs and follow his directions, Travel the public water transport, and he describes everything you are seeing (free)
    Just the most fun place to visit. Spend time in the market.
    So much history.

    For a one week trip I think you made the best choice.
    Just plan to walk non stop, and enjoy the small restaurants on the streets.
    I hope you enjoy good wine, it is everywhere, and very inexpensive.
    Wish we were going with you. We are the same age.

  8. Jannose says:

    Congratulations on continuing with your travels now that your fur babies are gone. I know it is something you always said you were going to do. Love Italy. Last time we were in Venice was 37 years ago. You will enjoy it.

  9. chris says:

    Wow! Sounds like a blast. You guys are going to have a ball and post some really cool pics! Can’t wait!

  10. Deborah S. says:

    Good on you & Colin for going forward with this lovely trip during this very difficult time! I think my impulse would be to say, “Oh, I can’t possibly leave now!” You have given yourselves an opportunity to enjoy life, to heal, and to love. Fai un Bon viaggio!

  11. Dolores T says:

    Ooooo, very exciting!!!! New experiences, travel, fun!!!

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