May 20, 2017

Pleasant surprise & then I almost knocked myself out, ouch!

Actually I had a few wonderful surprises yesterday.  Colin came home early from a two day photo shoot in Vancouver.  He also returned with about 40 frozen small individual tuna pot pies ( a once per week treat that we really enjoy ) which we had to get into our freezer in our real house as the RV freezer was already full.  When I went there a few days ago I did turn on our fridge again.  When we were evacuated we had emptied it all into the RV fridge, turned it off and opened the doors for air circulation.

The Good Faerie had visited.

It turns out that Walter, our lawn guy, had manged to find a few hours in which to clean up our lawn ( as well as cut it ) and our patio.  He even manged to get rid of all the goose poop.  We were so surprised to see the difference.  Still a lot of crud in the lawn and the patio requires a very intense power wash.  However to be realistic I’m sure that the geese and ducks have made a new mess by now but at least it is almost 100% better since the flooding.

Compared to my Thursday photos we can see that the lake has dropped almost an inch. Good news as that will give the melting snow pack somewhere to go.

Lots of tiny pieces of debris embedded in the lawn but I will get those out over time.  There also appears to be a section of lawn that had sunk under the weight of the water but that is easily fixed, eventually that is.

The water did go under the house, both front and back. But only for a few feet.

The wood pilings that the house sits on at each end, front and back,  got wet about 4 inches up.  The centre pilings are fine.  Those are our kayaks in these last two photos.  We had to leave them in the basement or they would have floated away.  Everything will dry out and as the wood in those areas has been treated there should be no long term problems.

On our way back to the RV we were chatting away and trying to decide when a good day might be to move back to the beach.  We think we will wait a full week to see how the snow melt progresses over the next few days.  It would be wonderful to go back right how but we are being practical.  Besides who wants to evacuate twice 🙄

So we got back to the RV and I was rushing about put things back in place and dealing with the mail we had picked up.  I neglected to pay attention to all of the camera equipment that Colin had brought in.  He claims that it was in the same place that it had been before he had gone to Vancouver.  I just happened to have had the last two days to walk back and forth from the kitchen ( my stand up desk ) to the flat dash which I am using as a filing area/large desk top with a variety of files piled here and there with nothing in my path, when suddenly I hit an obstacle on the floor with my right foot and went flying.

I went down hard, face first.  Colin says that I hit with a very loud bang and that I actually bounced up off the floor.  My eyeglasses were twisted but not broken and I have a very sore nose.  Fortunately I have a second pair that I can use until my favorites are repaired. I hit my left knee full force and it took  a very long time for me to sit up, never mind get up off the floor.  Colin insisted on heading to the hospital right away.  Instead I had a glass of wine and tried to assess the damage but the pain kept moving around from here to there to there.  800mg of ibuprofen started to help along with a second glass of wine.  My left leg was elevated and I iced for a good hour off and on.  Finally I was able to probe the area and as I wasn’t screaming I figured I didn’t need to go to the ER.  Colin actually remembered that he had my cane from the hip replacements in the RV basement and that did help me hobble around.  I iced for several hours before heading to bed.

So first thing this morning we went to see the chiropractor, the very same one we saw last Saturday who helped us both after we pushed ourselves loading the RV last week.  She found about four areas in which I was very out and many smaller areas that required attention.  I suspected that I had twisted myself as I fell and so I had.  So now today is more icing followed by heat and repeat over and over for a few days.   I was so upset with myself as I have been feeling really good with no aches nor pains for the last week and I so hoped to continue that way.  Hopefully in another week I will be back to what I call my normal.  But why do these things have to happen to me 👿  It was a horrible end to our day of surprises yesterday.  All I can say is that some days there is just not enough wine 😉

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9 Responses to “Pleasant surprise & then I almost knocked myself out, ouch!”

  1. Barbara says:

    Walter your lawn man deserves a BIG bonus! There may be more to clean up, but it looks so much better. I was sick seeing yesterday’s pictures.

  2. Shelagh says:

    As you know we love wine but the ibprofun thing is a challenge. Just a few months ago I was visiting Peter’s doctor and telling him we were having smoothies with kale and spinach everyday. He told me to be careful as it has some thing harmful if ingested in high doses, can not remember but I did read it elsewhere. Maybe too much of a good thing???? He also prescribed something for my super sore foot and said it was the least of harmful of the medications that at my age could result in a heart attack. Oh such fun. Take care.

    • Contessa says:

      It’s all in what a liver can take. I know I am okay to take the high doses of ibuprofen for a few days but that is it. I have read that one should switch out the greens everyday, kale and cucumber one day and spinach the next and chard the next. Something to do with the essential amino acids that should vary in your diet.

  3. Croft Randle says:

    A good yard guy is invaluable! Enough drama! Take care of yourself!

  4. George Yates says:

    Take care of yourself and relax while you can.

  5. I hope you are on the mend, falling sucks! I am so glad you two thought about your fridge before you left, maybe because you are both used to leaving your house for long periods of time, smart cookies. Your lawn guy is a definite keeper! I can’t believe how much he cleaned up, way above and beyond just yard work. Very good that you have no damage under the house, really a good day overall except that fall. Now, no more hurting yourself!

  6. Dolores T says:

    The house area looked nice very good if lawn guy to do that, huh?
    Sorry about your fall, geez just one thing after another, huh? But glad u r feeling better..
    We r having great weather here in central Oregon, supposed to b in 80’s next week, been doing a bit of yard work every day. Finally got all those pesky weeds out, thought I would never get on the upside of that…
    Take Care, so glad things r looking up for you guys…

  7. chris says:

    Be careful! Glad you weren’t injured. The yard looks fantastic! It’s good to see you are getting things back to normal again.

  8. Elaine Cochrane says:

    Glad to see your place all cleaned up..compared to yesterdays pics…..upright g/f upright…that kid has gotta stop leaving his stuff laying around…seriously tho you didn’t need this fall at all..hope your on the mend soon…and that things are finally looking up..


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