May 17, 2017

Flood photos, part 1

I have been under the weather for past two days.  The stress finally got to me and I have dealing with a cold, the first in a very very long while.  Meanwhile I have finally been able to put together a photo time line of the rising water.

Way back to Friday May 5th we noted that the water was rising quickly.  Just over two weeks earlier when we got back to Canada we had beach, which is about five feet lower.

Our dog fence which is set over the declining slope of the rocks of our shoreline was showing the level of the rising lake.

The water was full of debris.

By the next morning, May 6th the water came up another step.  This is when we started to move the basement up into the house.

Much larger pieces of debris in the lake.  You can still see four fence loops here.

By Sunday, May 7th the critters were looking for higher ground.  In a few days all the earth worms were practically drowning as there was no longer any ground for them to crawl onto.

Today we started to move everything up into the house and to secure the patio furniture.

Early Monday morning, the 8th, we could only see the tops of three fence loops.

Shortly thereafter we spoke with the incident command officer at about 7AM and he advised that he would be issuing an evacuation order for us that day.  First we had to get my final vein treatment, I did have another but delayed that one till September.  As we drove I called RV park after RV park looking for a place to stay before I finally found the one site.  Shortly thereafter Colin called Freightliner and told them that the RV HAD to be ready by 3PM as we were being evacuated.

As we packed and loaded the lake kept rising.

In no time it was coming onto the patio.

Just a few hours later we had a duck floating on our patio.

The water just kept coming.

Soon it was starting to cover the lawn which it did cover within a few hours.

Meanwhile we just kept packing and loading.  Monday the 8th was turning into a very long day.

Part two coming soon.


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