May 14, 2017

Que Pasa

There is so much happening that I’m not sure where to begin.  We are just moving ahead poco a poco ( bit by bit ).

~ we both visited our chiropractor yesterday and as we suspected we were both way out.  Stress, adrenaline and packing will do that.  Sadly her clinic is under water in Vernon and she treated us at her home.

~ we have had recent rain which apparently has resulted in snow on our ski slopes.  The latest from the Emergency response folks is that this will likely go on until late June as there is much snow to melt, etc.  They say that there are only 400 people on evacuation notice.  Does that mean 400 homes or actual people?  Regardless, it blows my mind away that we are part of those 400.  I miss my house and I really miss my girls.  Sorry but the emotion of it all as we start to settle in is catching up to me.

~ it is very cold here for mid May, 46F at night with at high of 56F during the day.  Our RV only has single pane windows and we really do feel the cold.  Good news is that as I am no longer wearing my compression stockings I can now wear my fleece pants.  I had to wear one of my skorts so that I could keep pulling up my stockings every few minutes.  Between my fleece and my new pink colored toe socks I was warm today.

~ after Colin had a good long chat with Mommio this morning we drove over the the Mission Greenway and did a 3KM walk.  Wonderful to be out walking again.  We could see where the creek had risen a few days ago and now has receded a bit.  Good news as that means that there is a bit of space for the level to rise safely.

~ I spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on our business paperwork.  Things like paying bills and Federal taxes and sending out one lonely invoice.

~ my plan today was to post some flood photos but the day had got away from me.  I do want to do this, if only for our personal records.  Perhaps later tonight or tomorrow.  Colin has a photo shoot in the late morning and my job is to check in with ESS.  That takes several hours what with waiting and the convoluted system they  have.  No I do not want to take on the government and sort them out.  Life is too short for that.

~ one of our day/night shades had a string break on the way back from Mexico.  Unlike George we don’t have the savvy to repair it our selves but we know someone locally who can.  We dropped it off yesterday and they returned it today as well as installed it so that the tension was correct.

~ our plan this summer was to do some minor repairs and upgrades on the interior of the RV.  We will proceed as much as we can under the circumstances.

~ sadly we won’t be able to use our free 2017 Canada National Parks Pass.  We really had some plans to do so but we must abide by what Mother Nature has allotted us this season.  So if any of you would like one of our two ( yes we received two in error ) just let me know.

~ our plan tonight was to BBQ some wild salmon. However we forgot our cedar planks at the house. So we are going to try laying the salmon over foil and grill it over our mat and hope that it works. What do you think George? Hmm, guess when you are evacuated you forget to bring along your BBQ tools 👿 as well as other essentials.

~ not much else to share other than I am becoming more and more emotional.  I miss my girls and I am missing my house.  Thinking back to last May when I had my cancer scare, it extends to a very long 12 months of stress and misery.

~ I am not being negative, as we have had many wonderful times over the last year but at this very moment as I type, each word makes me very sad but I think that that is allowed.

~ next post has to be photos or you can fire me 🙄  However I don’t think that I will be posting tonight.  Dinner is almost ready and some very good wine beckons.

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6 Responses to “Que Pasa”

  1. George Yates says:

    For the salmon I usually just set in on Foil lightly oiled, and spice the salmon. always turns out wonderful, You could just use the mat too but don’t need both.
    Good luck with your flooding, and enjoy your salmon.

  2. I am not sure if you guys have a weber grill but I found these great grilling mats at Costco for $28/3 a couple of months ago and now we grill everything on them. They go right on top of the BBQ and you get grill marks through them. You make sure to leave an inch around the mat for the smoke to come and the are excellent for fish/shrimp grilling. Keeps the moisture on the mat rather than dripping off and drying out the meat. You really have had a rough year, I hope things get better soon

    • Contessa says:

      Yes we have a Weber and also the mat but have not cut it so that we have one inch all around for the smoke to come out. Will do that next time. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Shirley Whitelaw says:

    I believe the Nat Parks passes are good until Nov 2018.

    At least that is what the person at the gate in Jasper told us last Oct.

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