May 12, 2017

We have no control over our situation

We dodged a bullet last night when the storm bypassed us.  However the powers that be say that it is only a matter of days or weeks before we will get the storm that will put the city over the edge.

Thank you for all the supportive comments and very special personal emails.  We had one very very long time reader who emailed us last night with an offer that has removed the stress from our lives as we maneuver forward.  The offer literally blew us away and we are so very thankful. More details as we proceed down the road.  We can now move forward with some confidence and have a plan in place for as long as it takes and it may take a very long time according to officials.

So despite the reprieve last evening we have to now worry about the snow melt and an additional 147% over the normal lake level rise. 147% !!!!!! As the lake has risen in the past from the run off we have often come to the top of our bank but 147% is tragic.  A very good chance that we will be on evacuation for many weeks to come.

I don’t  think that our lives were in danger but glad to know that we are being cared for.

Today we checked in again with ESS and got our vouchers for the next three days.  RV’s have now been deemed to be considered as billeting.  So we are getting $40.00 per day for our RV fees.  Doesn’t quite covered it but $40.00 is $40.00.  Sadly we hand our voucher into the vendor ( RV park or grocery store ) and they have to send our receipt into our Provincial Government, in this case Victoria, BC.  They don’t get paid for 6 – 8 weeks.  There are not many RV parks that are willing to go to the bother of this procedure.  While waiting in line to get in ( 90 minutes in the cold ) we met the couple in front of us.  They have 2 children, 8 and 12 and have been in 2 different hotels in the last week.  Tonight they have no place to go as all the hotels in Kelowna and the area are full.  When we left the ESS place they were still sitting there hoping for a miracle.  Last night the news reported that many local residents were willing to open their homes to folks like this BUT the government system can’t allow it as they can’t match a family to someone they do not know.  So very sad that they system is so very complicated.

Taken by a friend on our street last Monday just before Colin took the Lexus to pick up the RV.

Our home in happier times.

The snow that still needs to melt and fill the lakes.

Somehow I damaged my shoulder muscles while moving boxes from the basement to the house over the weekend and then again packing other things from the house to the RV last Monday.  I haven’t slept well since we got into the RV on Tuesday due to pain.  Today I was fortunate to get a 45 minute deep tissue massage which so far seems to have helped.

Rather than relax this afternoon it was a marathon of calls to our various insurance companies.  We officially have no flood insurance.  Our business insurance has been advised that our office and equipment have been moved into the RV with no issues re coverage.  The home insurance people aren’t too certain that our things will be covered in the RV.  Things like tools, garden hose, clothing,  jewellery, computers, personal cameras, etc.  If we take photos of everything we brought from the house into the RV, including the numbers of panties I have, we might be covered.  So Colin has spent the afternoon taking photos of everything.  Hopefully one day we might get to relax so that we have enough energy to move back into our home when the time comes.

I leave you with this link to an aerial video that was taken this afternoon.  The first few seconds are of our home area in Holiday Park Resort.  I was there and it looks even worse from the air. Click here for the birds eye view of the flooding.



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8 Responses to “We have no control over our situation”

  1. George Yates says:

    Good luck with the ongoing flooding and hope things eventually work out for you.

  2. rae says:


    That picture of the water level near the house is shocking.

    You need new and better insurance. My homeowner insurance back in the day that I had a stick house covered my belongings even if they got stolen out of my car! Anyway, I’m sure that anything you have in the RV will be absolutely fine.

    I can’t wait to hear about that miracle that was pulled to get you guys settled somewhere.

  3. Insurance is such a scam… A crazy year so far for you. You guys sure are strong.

  4. Well, I am glad someone could help you out! You need to talk to the insurance manager at that office and see if your belongings are covered under “temporarily removed”. It is an extension of your homeowner coverage, even if flooding is not covered by the policy. That way if another peril like fire or theft happened you would know if you had coverage. I am guessing that the agent just did not want to say you had coverage when they weren’t sure but it is an easy call to the insurance company by them if they are not sure. Just hoping for you guys that things work themselves out

  5. susie says:

    Stay safe ! Yes insurance coverage always has small print.. We lost everything in a flood caused by earthquake in Alaska, no coverage as it was a act of god… Hoping the worst is over…

  6. Debbie says:

    Hope things start looking up for you. It has been a tough road.

  7. Janet says:

    Hi Contessa
    I just got caught up on your blog; Grant and I are so sorry that you and Colin had to leave your home. Here’s really hoping that your house won’t get too flooded.
    I’m glad Colin’s Mom is doing OK in the nursing home, at least you guys don’t have to worry about her being safe. She was lucky she could stay in her own home as long as she did!
    Let us know if there is anything we can do!
    Take care, Janet

  8. Hannelore says:

    Hi Contessa and Colin,

    Our thoughts have been with you all day long. What a situation of uncertainty to be in. Last night when it was raining again .It makes us very upset to know so many people stand to lose everything ,that means so much to them. So glad that you have at least your home on wheels to live in.
    The emotional load you two have been under with so many tragic things happening , is devastating. Please be strong. So many people care and love you.
    Just know we are pulling for you that the flood won’t get any worse and you will soon get back to the lake.
    Love, Peter and Hannelore.

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