May 11, 2017

The entire city is on edge

The mayor has issued severe warnings.  Every newscast is advising on how to sandbag and to be ready to leave ASAP.  The forecast predicts gloom and doom.  117 provincial forest firefighters have been brought in to fill sandbags as it will take too long for the army to get here.  The only hospital we have is beginning to sandbag in preparation of the worst.  The stores are being picked over as folks begin to respond to the dire warnings.

Yet the afternoon storm has yet to materialize.  Lots of dark and gloomy clouds but thus far mere sprinkles.  Perhaps we will get lucky.  We did go to our home today and the water has indeed receded about 1/2 inch.  We have just the tiniest bit of water under the house thus far.  The patio and grass is a mess but that can be rectified.  It was so difficult to  go there but at least I did manage to get the library items that were due.  Our yard looks like a disaster zone. Forgot to mention the other day that we had just purchased about  $135.00 worth of bedding plants.  We handed them over to someone to take care of them as we were evacuated.  No idea where they are now or if we will ever see them again, can’t remember who we gave them to.  No worries but I sure wish that we could have planted them and that they were sitting on our now non existent patio.

We are meeting with the ESS ( Emergency Social Services ) again tomorrow and I intend to address the RV payment per day.  I also have made an appointment for a massage at noon as I am not sleeping well as my right shoulder area is screaming in pain.  I really over did it in packing up.  Colin actually stared working on his photoshop re the job he did yesterday.  We got five more jobs in yesterday, good news.  We also have one in Vancouver but it is based on weather.  Not sure if I will go or not as we have to check in every three days with ESS.  One day at a time.  Besides it is raining there also.

I just said to Colin a while ago to call his Mom.  Sure enough Mommio picked up the phone.  She says that her phone just got connected today.  We could hear her loud and clear.  So wonderful to finally have a long and good conversation with her.  She is so sad that she is stuck there until she dies but she loves the staff ( even though she has no privacy ) and the food.  She even got her first bath in many decades due to the special hydro lift system.  She is not herself but not as bad as she was a few weeks ago when Colin visited her.  She is lamenting about not having her own things.

Our legal address is Kelowna but we are referred to as Lake Country as we are on the cusp of the map.  Tonight we led the Global news as to how bad things are and then they moved onto Kelowna proper.

Here is a link from 2-3 days ago shot in our park, just a few streets over from us. Some very very graphic photos and video of the flood.  Less than 48 hours later we were were evacuated.  Click here.

This is an article and photos, in which the owner of our park describes how bad it is, again a few days ago.  Click here.

The wind is really picking up as I write this post.  That means high waves on the lake lapping up into the basement of our house.

In my heart I believe that tonight will be a good thing with a tiny storm or something much more negative that will take so much more energy than I have at the moment to cope with.  It is entirely up to the Universe and Mother Nature.  As for me, even wine is not enough to relax me or us for that matter.

Que Sera, Sera!



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6 Responses to “The entire city is on edge”

  1. Upriverdavid says:

    Sorry to hear how wet it is up there…What is weird is that none of the Seattle stations have said a peep about our friends up North..
    They talk about the flooding in Missouri and down south….
    I don’t get it….
    Hope it dries up for you folks soon…

  2. Barbara says:

    This devastation is widespread and heartbreaking . I’ve been following you for two or three years, and feel quite saddened by your plight. I got onto Kelowna news earlier, saw many shots and footage from the air (Colin’s?), and was very surprised at how flat the area is. I’d thought it to be much more mountainous. Hoping the predicted rains don’t materialize as predicted this weekend but nature will out as she pleases. Nope, you’re right–even vino isn’t enough–but it might help! Prayers…

  3. Yes, whatever will be will be. Not much you can do about it. At least Colin has some work to help keep both your minds off of it. I keep watching the news and can’t believe how bad Kelowna has been hit. I’m hoping the worst of it has already happened and you are right, the yard can be fixed. I am always amazed at how grass/trees can survive the terrible winters in Alberta then come back beautiful the next year. It might take some time though.

  4. rae says:

    I’m glad the house itself appears okay so far. Thanks for taking the time to update us.

    I really feel for Mommio, but glad you’re able to keep in touch.

    Hang in there…

  5. Hugh Martell says:

    I was wondering how you were coping in Kelowna, so I went to to read your blog and ‘voila’. The worrying times ahead must be difficult for you both, but having your great RV seems to be a God-send. It appears that we may be in for more future extremes in climate according to experts – not the kind of news you want to hear. But I’m certain and know that you will get through this. I wish you all the best and will be rooting for you. I’m glad I and your other friends are able to keep in touch with your insightful and always interesting blog. Be well!

  6. Dave Wei says:

    Contessa & Colin,

    Our thoughts are with you at this time of disaster. Still, we’re glad to know that you are safe, dry, and have a roof over your heads.

    We’ll keep monitoring your blog to see how you are doing.

    Wishing you all the best under the circumstances.

    Dave & Suzanne

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