May 05, 2017

We are under flood watch

The post I was going to write tonight is delayed due to current environmental issues.  Sorry, Shelagh, maybe tomorrow 😉

Just now as I am checking the latest online updates I discovered that our severe thunderstorm watch has ended.  We have been under this watch for 48 hours and have endured many heavy dumps of rain.  This rain along with the rapid snow melt due to two days of very warm temperatures have combined to create havoc here in Kelowna.  Of course all the lakes and creeks were already high due to the constant rain over the past few months.

All photos shown are from open media marked contributed.

This is the Fintry area including the Provincial Park where blogger Teresa Wood who writes A Life Made Simple lives along with her daughter Cassia and her husband Derek.  Hopefully they have found somewhere safe tonight.

Emergency services provided sand earlier today but the supply has run out. More needs to trucked in.  Meanwhile homeowners are doing what they can.

It was a mostly gloomy day with the occasional bright spots.

When we arrived home not quite three weeks ago we had a pebble beach. Here you see the first three steps under water.

This morning Colin was hired by the Kelowna Airport to come in and take some emergency flood photos.  That dot one third down from the top and one third from the left is the helicopter Colin was flying in.

The skies began to open up while he was still flying.

But really let go as he landed.

I can’t show you the photos that he was specifically hired to take until they are released to the public. This is the golf course adjacent to the airport, under water and now closed.

This area is close to the airport.  That is Hwy 97 on the right.  The flooding is sporadic all over the city where ever there is a creek, stream or lake.  Some areas worse than others.  Hopefully the worst is over.

You have to feel for these poor folks and there are many more like them.  The rain continues to fall as I compose this post.

Our home is within the red circle.  The airport is situated below the photo.  A good deal of the water is coming from the hills that surround us.  Those who know the area can see how high our lake is and it is continuing to rise as I type.

I just came back in from checking out the level of the lake. The water level is at the top of the 3rd step but  still under the 4th step.  The distance between these two steps is higher than normal.  So far so good and we are down to a drizzle out there.

My bonus shot of the evening.

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8 Responses to “We are under flood watch”

  1. Upriverdavid says:

    Did you get some sparks and noise last night?….Wednesday a lady ended up in our river with her Suv.
    Folks got her out…Today with the river 4′ higher, full of mud and logs..I don’t think she would have made it…..
    Hope it gets better for you next week…

  2. George Yates says:

    Seems to be a lots of flooring all over the country, all the local channels here are showing not much more than flooding stories.

  3. Ann says:

    really strange weather all over. we had our first 100 degree day yesterday and by tomorrow the high will be 73 with slight chance of rain and new snow on the mountain. Also glad we don’t still live in Indiana as all the states we usually went through are flooded!@

  4. Dee Tillotson says:

    Hope you stocked up well on food supplies; looks like hot soup and sandwich weather; wouldn’t want to venture out on the roads with all of the flooding and chaos. When we have that kind of flooding here in “swamp country,” all of the large and small critters start seeking higher ground, so be careful where you step in the yard (especially at night); if the rain continues, you could have virtually a Noah’s ark in your yard.

  5. Maxx Trails says:

    Teresa and family are safely tucked in at Bear Creek. Fortunately we were not evacuated but some of the campers along the creek had to relocate.

  6. Let’s hope the wordt is over. What crazy weather. The lower mainland is wet and depressing as well…

  7. Shelagh says:

    Darn, still waiting…glad you guys are fine. I am going to guess the wine train!!

  8. I hope you guys remain unscathed. I have other friends in Kelowna and one lost power yesterday as power poles were being swept away and new temporary poles were being put up.

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