May 04, 2017

A new tree in, then out and another new one put in!

Way back in June of 2013 we purchased a new very very large tree for our new lot on the lake.  Click here to see the post about it.   The post also has some extremely sweet photos of the girls.  I guess that when I go back to an old post I will always find some surprise photos.  A lovely gift.  It was a challenge to get it planted.  Click here for that post.  We loved that tree.  However over the past few years it has become a messy tree with hundreds of little whirly birds falling over.  First the blossoms and then the whirly birds, Colin did not like the mess.  It did not bother me so much and we did pay a lot to have the tree moved here and planted 🙄

Colin doesn’t ask for much so I told him it was up to him to make the final decision.

Poor Walter, first he planted it on June 4th of 2013 and then on September 28, 2016 it had to come out.  We had it for just over three years and I quite liked it but…..

The plan was to try and save the tree so that it could be recycled to someone. It was extremely difficult to get it out with the root ball intact. It was a massive brute and heavy.  Walter ended up on his butt but they got it out.

Getting into the truck was another huge effort.  Sadly in the end neither us nor Walter could find a home for the tree.

Meanwhile Colin had spent weeks trying to find the perfect tree. He, not me, went to all the nurseries in town. He’d find a tree and call me and I would look up the info and there was always something not right about how the tree grew or the direct sun we got all day or the type of flower or whatever. Finally he found this tree and Walter brought it home and planted it.  Both trees are shown in the top two photos for a size comparison.

My first thought was “but it’s so small, it won’t grow in my lifetime”.  It is an American Mountain Ash and will grow to 15 feet ( the hedge is 8′ high ).  Lovely fall color.  One day when we can’t travel anymore we will be able to watch the birds in the winter, eating the red berries with a bit of snow on the branches.

Last week the new tree finally started to bud out. We’ve already fertilized it.  Grow tree, grow.

You might remember my butterfly story after the girls had been put to rest.  Since then we have decided to honor the girls with a few butterflies in our yard.  We haven’t yet found the perfect ones but are still looking.

Meanwhile I picked these up the other day as they were in the girls colors, teal/green and pink.  They move with the wind.  A small memento.


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2 Responses to “A new tree in, then out and another new one put in!”

  1. I have two of those butterflies, I used to put them over my cilantro to keep the neighbors cat out of it. They are a little faded after several years of use but did the job. I am sure your new tree will be beautiful when it grows up.

  2. chris says:

    Like the mighty papaya tree, may it grow tall and strong!

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