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Apr 21, 2017

Just plodding along…..

It remains cool and wet, such unusual conditions for this time of year.  Thus far we have only gone on one walk.  Hopefully more soon.  Meanwhile Colin has had two jobs this week which is abnormal for him to be working so soon once we return and we have a few more on the books.  […]


Apr 18, 2017

The que pasa from home

We left the Omak Walmart about 7AM last Saturday and stopped to fill the RV just before the Canadian border.  Diesel is on the rise, our first fill was in Gila Bend, Arizona, @ 2.64, then Las Vegas, Nevada @ 2.84, then Ontario, Oregon @ 2.94 and in Oroville, Washington, it was 2.99 per gallon.  […]


Apr 15, 2017

A quick note

We arrived back home about 11:ooAM safe and sound.  We had a good cry and lots of hugs and then moved on to the unpacking.  We just now realized that we have been working for over 8 hours.   Adrenaline I guess.  We have had lots of hugs and some tears and shared some memories.  […]


Apr 14, 2017

We are on the final leg home

Last Tuesday was our final day in Las Vegas and we caught up on a variety of things including purchasing some things from Trader Joe’s for our pantry.  Sure wish we had one in Canada. There are a few things I wanted to include in my post if only for my personal reference.  My new […]


Apr 13, 2017

We went back for a second day of fun

After easing into the morning last Monday, the 10th, we drove out to Red Rock Canyon, a National Conservation Area.  I had read about it on someone’s blog and it sounded most interesting.  We had a few detours due to freeway construction and obscured signage but between us we finally got on the correct road.  […]


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