Apr 26, 2017

It is time for an update into the que pasa of our lives

How times flies when one is preoccupied and busy, busy, busy.  It is a great way to keep one’s mind occupied which we both need at the moment.

We got my Lexus out of storage last Friday which gave me freedom to roam about but I have yet to get behind the wheel  The first thing I saw when I opened the door was the girls water dish.  We have one in each of the three cars.  Of course we are missing the girls but we are talking more about special memories than dealing with raw pain.  We have just the tiniest of scabs over the great deep wound.

Our tow car, the Chevy HHR  is in the foreground, the Lexus is next and the Mercedes under the grey tarp is in behind.  This is our RV storage spot which is where we store our vehicles while in Mexico.  The RV at the moment is at Freightliner Kelowna getting its annual check up.

The cover I had purchased was excellent as the car was totally dry under it.  Sadly the Mercedes ended up wet under its cover which was sufficient last season but not this year with all of the rain and snow.

Last fall before we left I had purchased three bottles of organic liquid probiotics for the girls, hoping that it would help heal Carmeh’s gut from the pancreatitis.  When we unloaded ten days or so ago I found an unopened bottle in the RV.  The pet store, the Bone & Biscuit Co.,  very kindly accepted the return and refunded me the full $66.62.  Very generous of them.

The temperatures have remained cool and rainy for the most part.  Every now and then we are teased with some sunlight but not for long.  We have never ever seen the local hills so full of snow at this time of year.  Most of us are still wearing layers of fleece.  I have no idea when we will feel warm enough to head to a nursery to buy our annuals.  Flower planting season is definitely delayed. However we are starting to see buds on the trees.

The other day the fog was so thick that we could not even see the lake.

We have been very good at staying home and eating in, which of course includes the odd ( ?? ) glass of vino.  Note the double bottle size!  The other night I put a second bottle in the freezer and forgot to set the timer.  Fortunately Colin had reason to go into the freezer in the morning and rescued this bottle from total destruction.  It was leaking from the lid.  I have first hand knowledge that the wine was still wonderful after unthawing.

We took a mini road trip last Saturday to Penticton.  We are thinking of changing our tow car.  It was a full day, that included test drives and a lovely lunch.

We came to look at this car. That is my Lexus behind it.  What fun to take it for a 4 hour round trip spin. The vehicle we looked at was nice but not quite right. It did not even have a CD player which is essential to us.

We have been looking for a better camera since last fall.  I did purchase the Canon SX600 HS for the winter but it is only just okay.  Certainly not as good as the previous Canon we had which is no longer made.  I saw a blog that had wonderful photos and discovered that the blogger used a Canon SX60 HS.  So Colin did some research and actually had to order one into Kelowna from Vancouver.  We get a 15 day user trial after which we can return it if we don’t like it.

The zoom is great.

These canoes are way off down the side of the lake.

Closeup and detail is great also. Because of the rain we haven’t used it as much as we would have liked to.

I did take this candid shot as we were driving back from Penticton, just a quick point and shoot out of a fast moving car window.  Not bad.  The camera is heavier and larger than what I am used to and of course more expensive.  A decision will need to be make soon.

I started my annual varicose vein treatment this last Monday.  I get treated every Monday and Tuesday for three weeks in a row.  Thank goodness I am 1/3 done.  It is not a pleasant experience.  Who likes having multiple injections?  How I despise wearing the thigh high compression stockings.  A big problem is that I have developed an allergy to the silicone rim of the self staying up stockings.  I break out in an itchy rash.  Nothing I can do about it but suffer.  You can be rest assured that I do not suffer quietly.  I just now have to decide how many more years I can deal with this before I decide the heck with it and whatever happens to the veins in my legs….so be it.  I am supposed to wear these stockings for a full month 😈   Yesterday while doing my obligatory 30 minute walk after the injections I found the most wonderful dog park.  I so wish I could have brought the girls there.  They would have loved it.

Overall we are managing by keeping ourselves occupied.  I did get the taxes completed and Colin is back in the work groove.  Not sure what the next week will be like but I do have a few ideas up my sleeve, some of them fun.



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8 Responses to “It is time for an update into the que pasa of our lives”

  1. Dee Tillotson says:

    Have you and Colin ever thought about replacing your towed vehicle with a small pickup truck? Some of the characteristics would be a little higher clearance from the ground, very utilitarian, and can travel roads you otherwise would not have traveled with your current vehicle. Also, the resale value of little trucks is higher than sedans.

  2. George Yates says:

    Good luck with you new choice of towed.

  3. Connie & Barry in PA says:

    Our daughter and I did the varicose vein treatment years ago. We were happy with the results and lucky in that we didn’t have to do it again. You’re right, those injections and compression stockings are not fun. Our doctor recommended eating pineapple before treatment which helped with the bruising. Thinking of you and hoping all goes well!! 😉

  4. Good for you with the taxes, nice to not have that hanging over your head. The B&B chain (corporate head office) are one of our clients – good people (and pet lovers through and through), glad they took those pills back. I wonder if there is something at the top of the compression stocking you can put on your leg (saran wrap maybe) that would prevent the rash. That sucks, bad enough you have to wear those. You are so lucky that wine didn’t burst, hubby forgot a beer in our freezer and it took me a long time to clean out (plus kept finding beer bits on everything). We now have a small fridge specifically for beer/wine/liquids that we bought when we were renovating our house(was used as our only fridge when we were waiting on appliances). So handy!

  5. Shelagh says:

    In Langley the weather is not much better, I have not even gone to our nursery yet. Our grape vine just started sprounting a couple of days ago. Things are growing slowly. Apparently this mixed bag of weather may stay till near the end of June. Anytime the sun shines Peter and I grab a glass of white wine and race outside to feel the warmth of the rays. Then after 5 minutes I am under the sun umbrella. Doctors orders.

    Good luck vehicle hunting. Regards to Colin.

  6. What vehicle doesn’t have a CD Player in it?? Mind you we’ve used the one in our truck once in 4 years. I have converted everything to digital and either have them on a Thumb drive or an Ipod and just plug them into the vehicle sound system. Mind you if the Jeep didn’t have a CD it might not have a USB port either.

  7. Chris says:

    Regarding the jeep without a CD player, could it be you just didn’t know where it was tucked in. we have two jeeps, an really basic one and then the grand Cherokee and both came new with CD players in them already.

  8. Don & Kathy McKelvay says:

    I went through at least 2 sets of innjections for my varicose veins and then had them stripped. Hated the recovery period but loved everything afterwards. Although I should wear compression stockings I don’t and have had mo problems.

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