Apr 14, 2017

We are on the final leg home

Last Tuesday was our final day in Las Vegas and we caught up on a variety of things including purchasing some things from Trader Joe’s for our pantry.  Sure wish we had one in Canada.

There are a few things I wanted to include in my post if only for my personal reference.  My new Canon SX600HS which I only got in November on our way south decided that the lens shutter would no longer close.  This happened just before we left Mexico and suddenly is rectified itself in Vegas.  Maybe something to do with dust and humidity and now the dry dry desert air.  Gosh our noses have been bleeding since we arrived.  With the long days we drove leaving Mexico, we were thrust from humidity to dryness quickly.  The day that Colin left to see Mommio I had a cold sore start on my lip.  This happens to me about every 2 years and I did have meds for it but it would not go away and I ran out.  The trigger is stress and of course my stress was not going away.

Last Sunday, the morning after Colin returned I had an appointment at Walgreens to see a nurse practitioner.  That was the only way I could get another prescription.  That cost me $99.00 and then I had to purchase the medication.  Ten days supply came to $222.64 which the girl at the pharmacy thought was was outrageous.  I, of course agreed.  She told to hang on as she was going to see what she could do.  Once the script was filled and I went to pay, the bill was only $61.72.  She saved me $160.97 by putting it through on some type of insurance plan that I do not have.  My travel medical insurance had a $500.00 deductible by choice so I was most happy with the outcome.  That saved $160.97 paid for all our meals and entertainment in Las Vegas.

Because we stayed a few days in Las Vegas to relax and regroup as I like to say, we have to make tracks each day to get back home.  We were already delayed in returning and we have some appointments to deal with and Colin has two jobs lined up for next week.  Needless to say both the personal and company taxes are calling my name.  The plan was to leave Las Vegas this past Wednesday and head north.

On a walk the previous evening we had seen this monstrosity and had to check it out the morning we left.  There are two slides on each side.

Colin gives the trailer scale. There is chrome everywhere.  Would it come to any Canadians surprise that the license plate says Alberta?  We found three of these units stored in our Vegas RV Park.

It was very difficult to leave as once we started driving I could only think of the girls and I teared up and cried. I did this over and over.  This was taken the day before we put the girls to rest.

It was a lovely scenic drive  out of Vegas and we spoke of the girls and shared memories.

I wonder if I will ever be able to travel in the RV and not be sad?

We spent Wednesday night in Ely, Nevada where we have stayed many times in the past. It was only a 254 mile drive but I had ordered some things from Amazon so we did have to stop and spend the night. I was tying to show the snow on the mountain above the mirror……

So we arrived early in the afternoon, but I spent a frustrating few hours trying to get the internet working.  I do have my own ATT hot spot device but somehow I used up 4.1 GB of my 5GB’s while Colin was in Winnipeg with Mommio.  Grr!!!   By the way Mommio is doing better.  The park internet had stopped or rebooted and instead of putting me back onto the  free park internet I ended up using my ATT travel internet.  Long story short I did not do a blog post Wednesday evening.  It was a very cool 45F that evening plus a very strong wind.  We didn’t even go for a walk.

Funny thing happened when Colin went to dress our salad.  As he opened the container the dressing exploded all over him, the carpet and my sweater.

Thursday morning had us on the road at 7AM towards Jackpot, Nevada.  Beautiful scenery all the way.

As we approached Twin Falls, Idaho so did a storm. We traveled along I84 towards Oregon and dealt with showers, rain and wind.  Our first rain in months but it was good to wash all the ocean salt deposits off the underside of the RV.

Last night, after a long 433 mile drive we stopped at the Ontario, Oregon Visitor Center.  The big plus was that it had free high speed internet, wonderful.  Of course the downside was that we were boondocking with our slides in and it was cool out.  We were going to watch Amazing Race live but found out that on our digital antenna it was only on at 11PM, way too late for us.

So Colin set up our dish between the car and the RV to tape it and the inverter did the rest.  Perfect solution.  I would like to say that I slept well last night but the trucks coming and going had me up every other hour.

This morning we were on the road just before 7AM, stopped for fuel and proceeded with our journey north.  The rain had started about 3AM and it was a cool 39F.  We had no idea what was ahead of us.

We were just a few miles down the road when the snow began to fall and the ice started to build up next to the wipers.

It wasn’t long before the right wiper had a problem and Colin had to go out, dig his tools out of the basement and make an adjustment.

Just a few miles later the snow became more intense.   Not only was it accumulating on the side of the road but up on the hillside.

Finally just before La Grande the flurries began to recede.

Here we are before the big mountain descent a few miles south of Pendleton.  It is a 6% grade for 6 miles and has two emergency ramps.  This is the first time we have driven this route from Vegas north to Kelowna, we have always done it traveling south.  We are used to driving up the mountain but not down.

We completed our day today about 4PM when we pulled into the Walmart in Omak, Washington, yet another long drive at 424 miles.  We had to put these two long days in, in order for us to have had those few fun days in Las Vegas which were a great boost to our emotional well being.  However with each mile today I got sadder and sadder and cried more than I teared up.  I had no idea it would be so hurtful to be going home without our girls.  We started this journey back on October 29th as a family and now we are alone and lonely.  We both miss the girls so very much and we talked about that a great deal today, even more than we have each day since they were put to rest.  We are both grieving and in different ways and for a variety of reasons, not always the same.  So Colin says something which makes me sad and vice versa.  I had no idea that it could be so painful.  We are only 125 miles from home.  Tomorrow is going to be extremely challenging.  I have no concept of how we are going to deal with walking into our home.

Taken on our last morning together.

The last sunset of our winter break.



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9 Responses to “We are on the final leg home”

  1. George Yates says:

    You are making good time now and soon be home again. Travel safe and hope you have an easy border crossing.
    When we were on the Isla my camera shutter was sticking as well , so I bought a new one there. Then a month later in the desert it worked again just fine.
    We spend the winter in the dry desert and does not bother our noses, actually find breathing is easier and my joints ache much less,

  2. Connie & Barry in PA says:


  3. Al McClughan says:

    Just a comment on the AT&T Go Phone hotspot. I found that the E-mail app that was supplied with my Android smart phone somehow drained GB of data, I changed to another free app and the data use dropped to normal. I also am able to throw in additional data using our Canadian credit card, works well. I add money just before we leave Canada in the fall so I’m ready once we cross into the US.

  4. Sandie says:

    I know how much your heart aches and how lonely it is. I thought I’d never recover from Scooter and I actually became very depressed. But the pain and loneliness does ease with time. It will never go away because I still miss our Ginger that we lost over 15 years ago but it becomes bearable. I dreaded getting back to our fifth wheel in AZ and it was hard because everywhere I looked were memories of Scooter. And even though I’m crying now it is better. Hugs.

  5. Ann says:

    Boy those were long driving days. Glad the trip has been uneventful so far and that you are home probably by now. Take it easy for a few days if you can.

  6. I hope you make it home safely. The coqahalla was terrible last week with snowstorms and accidents. It snowed in most of Canada yesterday (Northern BC, Alberta, SK and further East). Getting home will be toughest, maybe a blessing that you both have to hit the ground running with work.

  7. Catheline says:


  8. Janet Ashworth says:

    In the RV World there is something for everyone! We would love to have one of these monstrosities!
    Costs as much as a good Class A and no bragging rights. However the very large hauler stacks and will allow cars, boats and other toys to travel with you! You will be cast out of those classy Class A motorhome parks.
    Glad Momio is feeling better.
    Getting home and dealing with your new reality is going to be difficult. I agree that keeping busy will help. I read my way through stressful situations.

  9. Dolores says:

    I sit here cradling my Luci in my arms and have no concept, really, of how u r managing the days travel home… Take Care. Know that “we” care and think of u both, and so wish u well…

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