Apr 13, 2017

We went back for a second day of fun

After easing into the morning last Monday, the 10th, we drove out to Red Rock Canyon, a National Conservation Area.  I had read about it on someone’s blog and it sounded most interesting.  We had a few detours due to freeway construction and obscured signage but between us we finally got on the correct road.  It was only about 30 miles from the RV Park.

We were lucky that it was a sunny day. This was taken from the Visitors Centre which by the way is very well done, most informative on everything about the Mojave Desert that you could imagine.

I did not do much research prior to our visit due to lack of time and was a bit disappointed to discover the the red rocks are only for about 3 – 4 miles.

There was a couple doing the tour via Segway with a guide also on a Segway. They were followed by a van and when they stopped so did the van.  We got the van driver to take our photo.

It was the week before Easter and the park was full of vehicles but we managed. It would have been better without the hordes.  There were many out on the numerous trails hiking.  The trails range from easy to strenuous and from .75 mile to 11.3 miles.

If you are not into hiking or rock climbing you can simply drive the 13 mile scenic drive. This was taken from the High Point overlook @ 4,471 feet.  That is Las Vegas in the middle background above the red rock, way too hazy too see here but we did glimpse it with the naked eye.

Next stop was Fremont Street where the non stop entertainment continued.

After we walked the street from one end to the other for the first time ( we ended up doing it three times ) we headed to the new Container Park, about 3 blocks further.  That is a heart shaped piece of art which people are putting a variety of  promise locks onto.

The park is made entirely of containers and is a mix of shops and restaurants.

It also has two huge areas for kids.  So nice to see this in the middle of downtown.

Our second selfie. We stopped here for a glass of wine at Happy Hour.  It was $2.00 off per glass, good deal.

I believe that this was only our second time on Fremont Street which is a five-block entertainment district in historic downtown Las Vegas.  Because we didn’t have to rush back to the RV for the girls we were able to take our time and enjoy all that is associated with this area.

Such as these old neon signs.

As dusk falls the lights come on slowly. Almost impossible to see but there are three back dots on the canopy, zipliners.  There is now a 12 story high zip line that you can zoom along the length of the Fremont Street Experience.  Colin wanted to do it but it was sold out for the evening as well as the following evening.  If you are going to do it you might as well do it and enjoy all the lights.

This sax player was really good.

There is so much history to this area of Vegas.

The overhead canopy is called a Viva Vision Screen and is 1500 feet long, 9 feet wide and 90 feet high. It has 12.5 million LED lights and they sure do sparkle.

There is a lot of free entertainment here as well as some vendors such as this one.  We found this to be a great likeness to the boy.  Extremely well done in only twenty minutes.  The entertainment here is more tasteful  than the strip.  Of course there are tip buckets everywhere but we enjoyed the music we heard and some of magic shows, etc.

There are casinos all along Fremont Street on both sides but you don’t have to go into them.

We were hungry and had trouble finding a place to eat.  There were only two places outside serving food and they were full.  Needless to say the casinos want the tourists to come inside where they will be enticed to gamble.  We did venture into a few casinos to check out restaurants but just did not want to be inside.  Finally we found a wonderful Mexican place just a quarter block off of Fremont.  Nacho Daddy was worth all the time we took looking for the perfect place to eat.  I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a well priced meal.  Our waiter spoke Spanish and we learned that his parents came from Salvador and Honduras.  It was the perfect end to our day, certainly one filled with contrasts.

Thanks for all the comments to my earlier post today.  It was I hoped to hear.  You are great readers and someone always has the answer.


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3 Responses to “We went back for a second day of fun”

  1. George Yates says:

    Thanks for taking us back to Fremont St. as far as we were concerned this is the best part of Vegas, and loved the light show as well, amazing.

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    If you have time, Valley of Fire State Park is worth visiting as well, and an easy drive from Vegas.

  3. caroline in Seattle/Las Vegas says:

    I’ll have to give Nacho Daddy a try … thx for the recommendation.

    Speaking of history, the Mob Museum is a fabulous spot when you’re downtown. Fascinating place.

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