Apr 12, 2017

Letting our hair down in Las Vegas

Colin was a very exhausted hubby when he got back from seeing his Mom.  We spoke for several hours, finally slept and talked it out again the next morning.

We both had a tentative let’s check this out while here in Vegas.  We both had the Titanic exhibit on our list at the Luxor.

This is the actual boarding pass that passengers received in order to board.  We each received one as we entered the exhibit.

On the back of our boarding pass  we were each given information on the passenger that we would have been had we boarded the Titanic on its maiden and final voyage.  It made the exhibit all the more interesting.  I have to say that in fact it was riveting.  The cost for seniors was $27.00 and we spent close to two hours inside.  One views this fascinating exhibit at your own pace.  There are many artifacts brought up from the ocean floor and much information provided about the Titanic from construction to destruction.

This is a third class cabin shared by four.  In 1912 the cost was $40.00, not a lot in this day but a fortune way back then.

As we walked thru and read the various plaques one could not help but be drawn into the scenario.  This exhibit was very encompassing. As we walked through 3rd class we could hear the sound of the engines which  never stopped.  I’m certain that that sound 24/7 would have done me in.

This is a first class cabin.  Not shown is a desk to the right at the foot of the bed and the bathroom.

This is called the “Big Piece” and it is an actual piece of the ship brought up from 2.5 miles below the surface of the ocean where the ship was found.  That feat took many years and two attempts.  When you stand next to it you are overwhelmed at the enormity of the ship as well as the construction and this is just a very tiny piece  of the Titanic. There are many articles online about the construction details, the strength of the ship and more.  What is most tragic is that a simple thing such as the two sailors on duty that night ( for only a two hour shift ) who were responsible for visual observation had no binoculars.  They had been left behind in the haste to launch the ship. That was the reason that the iceberg was never spotted until the last few minutes before collision.

So many other details were mentioned such as those who died were as a result of ice cold waters, not drowning, not a painless death.  Sadly the first in the lifeboats were the first class passengers who filled their boats with personal possessions rather then other passengers.  At the end of the tour there is a wall listing first class, second class, third class and crew under the category of survival or not.  The person on my boarding pass, Mrs. John Morgan Davies and her two children survived.  Colin’s passenger, Mr. John Henry Chapman did not.  They had all been in second class.  I saw one twenty something year old with tears in his eyes once he discovered that he had died.  The volunteer in the area tried to tell him that he was a hero by putting ladies and children in the lifeboats ahead of him.  He was still most upset, it really is a great exhibit.  I was rather emotional myself and was tearing up.

As we exited the area and started to wander about I was surprised to see the O2 bar and these folks sitting there.  I guess they might have been trying to get rid of a hangover or whatever.  We saw more of these oxygen bars as we walked the strip.

Next to New York, New York is a new green area called ‘The Park”. Mostly restaurants but also many toys for kids and adults.  A fun space to wander through.  At certain times there are a variety of live performances.

We moved back inside the NY, NY casino to look for a place for dinner. Can you spot me?

We decided on the Broadway Grill where we had the most delicious salmon burgers ever.  I can hardly wait to go back.

From there we walked over to the MGM to take the tram which is now called the mono rail. In the olden days it was free and now it is $5.00 one way…..rip off.  They call that progress??  Before we never noticed the amount of people who now just appear on the street and do some ??dancing or jiggling or wave their hands and expect a tip.  Can you see the ‘person’ in the middle?  She is naked other than a tutu and is thrusting her  enormous weight around hoping for dollar bills.  Vegas has changed since we were here last!

I guess it is free entertainment for the masses.

We walked through the Venetian, a very large and well done casino. Over the years we have seen 99% of them.  Somehow we managed to miss the Trump casino, no loss for me.

Most casinos have something unique to see.  These gondoliers even sang.

…..and many shops with an increasing amount of items to tempt you with. I did go in to look at the bag with the bling, $375.00!

I can’t remember if this was in the Venetian but now some places don’t even have a real person at the tables but a video with a lovely lady.

We even found my favorite machine at the Flamingo at the end of the evening where I did a bit of gambling.  It was the old fashion type complete with the one arm to pull.  We had fun for about an hour making just enough money to keep us entertained but in the end Vegas kept my initial investment.  In the past we have always won something but not this year.

We did have a fun afternoon and evening , I think we were out for close to ten hours and manged to get many steps added to my Fitbit. Of the eight casinos we were in, the Venetian was our favorite.  This area is the Piazza San Marco.  Back on thee strip we just loved walking the streets and enjoying the sights and the lights.




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9 Responses to “Letting our hair down in Las Vegas”

  1. Connie & Barry in PA says:

    So glad you two got to unwind, relax, and enjoy being out on the town!

  2. I met hubby in Vegas 14 years ago this month 🙂 We were both on a corporate retreat type trip. I’ve only been back once since, about 8 years ago and frankly, have no urge to go back now. I want to see the world! Weird that they let a naked person about in a tutu, that was a nono before except inside certain clubs/casinos. Really distasteful. Oh well, I am not a prude but nobody wants to see that.

  3. Shelagh says:

    Totally agree with cheap chick, the tutu person is just wrong! Never been to vegas but our kids tell us to just go and see it. Maybe one day. Funny our older son and his fiance are going today.
    Cheers to you both, continued safe travels.

  4. rae says:

    What a great write-up of the Titanic exhibit. Thank you!

    (my favourite casino is the Luxor)

  5. The Titanic exhibit sounded really interesting. I love just about anything to do with the Titanic. Kevin’s grandmother had always told us that she could remember the day that it sailed, she was living in Scotland and was about 5 years old at the time.

    We enjoyed Vegas the week we were there but that was enough. We would return again but not to the strip just to the outlying area. Lots of hiking there that we would love to do.


  6. George Yates says:

    The Titanice would have been. we were there years ago and lover the Venetian as well. No plans to back again,

  7. Dolores T says:

    Surely a crazy place, huh?

  8. Mary says:

    I can only imagine how difficult it is. Great idea to “step out” and do something different.

    Your girls found a place in my heart and I loved them very much.

    Change is hard. I know that you and Colin will find your way to enjoy a new life. And it is definitely okay to enjoy some things, even when you are feeling sad about other things.

    Thanks for taking time out to respond. I am sending you a big huge hug too.


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