Apr 02, 2017

Many firsts and on the road

Thank you all for your continued support, it really means so much to us and it helps us to know that the girls were loved by so many.  I have many many comments and emails to reply to, it might take me a week or more.

We finally got everything packed into the RV and this was what we were putting into storage.

It filled two of the truck taxis.

The drivers, Ismael and Colin brought up our beach steps onto the patio so they don’t get swept away during the summer storms and high wave surges.

It was most difficult to say goodbye to our Isla home, as we were leaving a part of our hearts here.

We have been RVing for almost 20 years now and this is the very first time that we have not had one of our four girls with us.  First we had Cloii, then Channel, Carmeh and Caeli and of course our Acapulco parrot Cheikka and for a very short time our Vicam parrot Chiquito.  For the first time ever it was just the two of us and it was downright lonely.

Usually there is a large bench between our seats with a dog bed on it, now just a lot of space.

For the first time we have no covers over the sofa and of late, no ramps nor barricades. We can actually use the RV as it was meant to be used.  I’d rather have the girls back.

We went for our first beach walk Saturday morning since we said goodbye to out girls.  It was a difficult walk with lots of tears.  At sunset last night, we took our first selfie in over thirty years, I guess it won’t be our last.

Our final Isla sunset for this season.

We were on the road this morning at 5:45AM, in time to enjoy this lovely sunrise near Estrella del Mar.

We did go into Mazatlan for dinner at the Plazuela Machado yesterday, our last evening of the season.  We were supposed to meet a blog reader for dinner or a drink but somehow that did not work out.  We will try again Linda!

No photos and not much to tell you about our long drive today.  We mostly spoke of the girls, shared and remembered memories, shed a few tears here and there and an occasional sob.  I have to say that it was incredibly difficult to be traveling without them.  We realize that as time goes by it will become easier but there is so much emotion at the moment.

Instead of photos I do have a few facts and thoughts to share. I have to say that it has been our coolest winter in Mazatlan over the past eight winters.  We were still having very cool foggy mornings until we left with lows of 63F at 7AM.  We never used our A/C and now tonight here in San Carlos I have a sweater on.  Usually it does not cool off till the wee hours of the morning.  Most unusual.  I travel with a variety of maps and papers and I noted today that back in 2010 we paid 517 pesos for the toll road between Mazatlan and Culiacan, this does not include the recent bypass around Culiacan.  Each year the tolls increase by a few pesos, often no more than 10 to 13 pesos at each booth, today that same toll for the Autopista was 653 pesos.  Some would say that that is a lot and others like us, that it is worth every peso.  Please note that this is the cost for a Class A motorhome towing a car.  Diesel fuel last April cost us 13.77 pesos per litre, today, exactly one year later, this cost was 17.13 per liter.  We think that this is a huge increase.

We also realized that both Carmeh and Caeli have lived each winter of their lives on a beach in Mexico.  Be it at the Costa Esmeralda, or Huatulco, Acapulco, Mazatlan, Isla de la Piedra, or Mr. Moro’s in Guasave where we met Heriberto and Isela, or either Guaymas or San Carlos and points in between.  Lucky them, lucky us.

We received an email tonight that Colin’s Mom is responding to medication and appears to be stabilizing.  More on that tomorrow.  Once we reach the US tomorrow we will be able to better assess the situation and make some firmer plans for the day ahead.

We left the Isla at 5:45AM this morning and arrived in San Carlos, 512 miles later at 5:25PM.

Needless to say we are exhausted both physically and emotionally.  We have close to 400 miles to travel tomorrow so adios for now dear friends and readers.

So hard to leave the Isla this time but we do know that we will be back.

By the way, we will always remain the 5C’s.

Our April calendar photo….leaving the beach.



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15 Responses to “Many firsts and on the road”

  1. Kelly says:

    Nicely written Contessa.
    Good to read Colin’s Mom is somewhat better but any issue at her age is a big concern.
    Take care and safe travels.

  2. George Yates says:

    It is very hard to get over the loss of a pet, but as you know time will heal some of the pain. At least you sone wonderful photos and fantasy memories.
    Nice too hear that Colin’s mom is responding.

  3. Jackie Hawkins says:

    I’m so glad Colin’s mom is responding to medication. Although this is the first time commenting on your blog, I’ve been reading for a few years. I so enjoyed reading about the girls. I’ve shed many tears since reading about your loss. Please travel safely.

  4. Sandie says:

    I still shed lots of tears for our Scooter but it doesn’t hurt quite as much as time goes on. Safe travels and hoping the news about Colin’s mom is good.

  5. Glad to hear about Colin’s Mom, hopefully he will be able to spend some time with her as she is recouperating. Save travels and lots of hugs.

  6. Steve says:

    It’s hard now but you and Colin will feel better eventually. I still miss Winston a lot but have comes to terms with it. Have a save trip home.

  7. Cat says:

    Contessa, I cannot even imagine all the emotions you and Colin are going through right now. Please take care and I hope all will be well with Colin’s mother.

    (((((HUGS))))) to both of you.

  8. Debbie trekkingwiththebs.blogspot.com says:

    That was a lot of driving. Safe travels and hope for a healing heart.

  9. Sandy Matts says:

    Traveling mercies all the way to Canada and hoping for good reports along the way for Colin’s mother.

  10. Sharon says:

    You have been wonderful parents to your girls, they were blessed to have found their home with you. They have experienced so many fun and beautiful things and you were blessed to have them for all those wonderful years. I know that there will be sad days ahead and it doesn’t ever go away completely (speaking from experience) Wishing you the peace of mind that things will get easier. Glad you are on your way to Colin’s Mother and hope all is going good for her. Be safe in your travels. Will be praying for good roads and good weather. Sharon

  11. chris says:

    But if you check the toll price in dollars I doubt it went up much if at all. Gasoline, no doubt as it is hovering at $3.51 per gallon for diesel.

    You’ll be home before you know it.

  12. Connie & Barry in PA says:

    Beautiful last photo – so dear and sweet!!

  13. Don in Okla. says:

    Yes, such a touching photo. Tough to look at thru sweaty eyes tho. Bless you all and best wishes for safe travels.

  14. Dolores T says:

    Just cannot get by how sad this all is, looks so empty…. Thinking of u both. Take Care and God Bless

  15. Marty says:

    The tears are welling up, boy do I know how you feel about losing the girls! I’ve had an endless case of the flu and haven’t been on the blogs much. I think you made the right decision, as painful as it was. They count on us to know when it’s time, now they’re across the Rainbow Bridge and running free. My sympathies to both of you.

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