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Apr 30, 2017

Too worn out for an in depth update

So very very happy to be home.  I still can’t believe that we have only been home from Mexico two weeks yesterday.  I am so tired and I know that Colin is even though he says otherwise.  We just drove 1120 miles ( 1800 kms ) round trip in the last four days and stayed […]


Apr 29, 2017

Worth the effort!

We arrived back in Kelowna two weeks ago today.  Colin only returned to Las Vegas from seeing Mommio three weeks ago today.  During this last trip to Mexico Colin thought that we should upgrade our tow car. So we really did like the Jeep but it did not have a CD player which Colin prefers […]


Apr 28, 2017

Things are not working out as expected

Our arrival in Medicine Hat did not go as planned.  Things were not ready for us.  After 3 hours of waiting we were sent out for a nice lunch at their expense.  After lunch things went a bit more downhill.  A hotel for the night was offered.  I sort of lost it and a much […]


Apr 27, 2017

Road trip

We truly had a mix of weather, sun, rain and then snow as we approached Banff.  Then back to sun but shortly after Canmore, perhaps mid way to Calgary we hit a snowstorm that left the highway slick with ice and strewn with car wrecks.  We could not believe what we saw in such a […]


Apr 26, 2017

It is time for an update into the que pasa of our lives

How times flies when one is preoccupied and busy, busy, busy.  It is a great way to keep one’s mind occupied which we both need at the moment. We got my Lexus out of storage last Friday which gave me freedom to roam about but I have yet to get behind the wheel  The first […]


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