Mar 28, 2017

El Quilete, a soon to be Magic town/Pueblo magico

From trip advisor….

Colin and I have known about this wonderful town for several years.  In fact he plays the song El Quelite and I sing the lyrics.  Here is the song but I think we do it better 😀

For some reason we just have not had time to go visit over the years and finally we made an effort to make the journey thanks to Carol and Bill.  They visit several times per month when they are on Mazatlan and their blog has many stories and photos about this wonderful place.

The following are just some miscellaneous photos I took on our visit.

We stopped here for a late breakfast.

A most interesting place.

The courtyard.

A mural on a back wall.  So realistic.  Actually the well on the left is real and just blends into the painted backdrop.

Colin has always loved parrots.

All of these birds are real.

One of Bill and Carol’s favorite waitresses.

The Tree of Life just inside the entrance to the washroom.

Life on the roof tops.

After our meal we did a short walk about and observed some things such as the division of property.

Interesting landscaping.

A close up…..

Looks like someone is renovating their dream home.

So much color, so much to see. Some of the homes are hundreds and hundreds of years old.

Rooms for rent, such interesting architecture.

My personal favorite. I don’t think that our RV would even fit into this tiny space.  Location, location, location.

Thanks for a great day Carol and Bill.  I know that we did this trip just before Carnaval in February but life decides what I post and when.



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3 Responses to “El Quilete, a soon to be Magic town/Pueblo magico”

  1. Ann Carol says:

    Glad you enjoyed your time there. Will have to go again next year.

  2. George Yates says:

    Love the small local villages around there, we checked out a few when we were there.

  3. Jannose says:

    Looks very interesting. Might have a go take a trip to Mazatlan one year. It has been awhile.

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