Mar 15, 2017

More RV repairs and Colin is back

A few days before Colin left for Culiacan we had more work done on the RV.  One thing that needed doing was a minor welding of a frame in part of the storage compartment,  First the engine circuitry, the batteries and the transmission circuitry ( anything electronic ) had to be disconnected.

The  caulking seals between the basement walls are the source of a leakage every now and then into our basement compartments.

We have stripped the carpet and added fiberglass within the entire inside of the basement and that did not work.  So Eric came up with the idea of  covering the area with galvanized sheet metal.  A few weeks ago his helper had the dirty job of removing all of the undercoating in the affected area.  Eric then measured the area and had four panels made.  The photo above shows one of the panels.

Then began the most difficult task of screwing the sheet metal to the underside of the RV.

As you can see there was very little space to work in. We would have had to take the RV out into the parking lot in order to raise the RV higher. The palapa limited our height.

Eric made it work.

The next step was the pressure water test.

Not a drop of water can into the basement. Success.

We had a few other minor repairs, nothing worth mentioning.  We will need to see Eric one last time, the day we leave, to get our repaired awning reinstalled.

Carmeh spent most of her time the past few days either watching for Colin or for the iguana.

The girls have been good while Colin has been away and were ecstatic at his return a few hours ago.  Culiacan was hot and sticky while we here in Mazatlan were dealing with yet more fog and unseasonably cool temperatures.  Still much better than the snow that the US NE and eastern Canada are dealing with.  Colin had a great time in Culiacan.  This was one on one time with Heriberto and Isela and they did all kinds of fun things as well as music.

The iguana is getting his revenge!

Thanks to all who sent me suggestions re RV Parks in Las Vegas both on the blog and via email.  Amazing how the one Class A only motorcoach RV Park  can charge $90.00 per night before tax.  We did stay there once many years ago but paid less than $50.00 per night, I think it was a promotion.  We won’t be going there this trip.

Last evening.

Can you see the rays of the sun?


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6 Responses to “More RV repairs and Colin is back”

  1. George Yates says:

    Nice to get those repairs all done before you hit the road again.

  2. $90.00 per night is crazy! I have heard that some RV parks also put age restrictions on RVs. The metal panels might also improve the streamlining of your RV, hopefully saving you some fuel…

  3. Catheline says:

    Your so lucky to have your own personal RV Geek, who seems to be top of the line as well.

    Sorry to see the iguana is back at it again. They do seem to love those drainage holes. You should put some thick wire mesh over the end of it to see if you can’t make them find a home somewhere else.

    The sun rays are very clear in your photo, just beautiful.

  4. Croft Randle says:

    $90 is crazy. That much will almost get you one of the cheaper places in Key West! 🙂 We will be staying at the Roadrunner again. Still $18 per night, three night special.

  5. chris says:

    Erik does great work. Wish we had gone this year, we could use some minor repairs.

  6. Don & Kathy says:

    Congratulations and I know you are well aware of how fortunate you are to have such a skilled mechanic, etc. Be safe on your way home and ‘smell the roses’ as you always seem to do.

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