Mar 14, 2017

It was the craziest Sunday to date

Back from our morning beach walk. Usually the girls use the ramp but today certain iguana scents were distracting them.  What is that green thing growing in the sand? More about that later.

I really like the changes I made to the south side of my front garden. The colors make it pop.

Carmeh is back on the hunt.

She wants to get out of the yard by jumping. No more. Twice was too much so we have penned her in with more of a barricade.

Colin was leaving at noon for a four day trip to Culiacan and some serious guitar music.  Carmeh of course was not making it easy for him to pack.

She truly wanted out so that she could find that iguana. As you can see we had to reinforce the fencing so that she could not get out.

Colin even duck taped the opening to the drain pipe as a deterrent to the iguana to just come and sit on our wall and taunt the girls.

We were racing against the clock as Colin did have to leave at noon as his bus left at 1PM.  Once the yard was reinforced he finished packing and I drove him to the panga.  He caught a pulmonia on the Mazatlan side and did make his 1PM bus departure.  Sadly it turns out that he forgot his lunch in the fridge due to all the iguana activity.  He arrived at 4PM in Culiacan with no issues.  How many start a simple 3 hour trip by taking a car, a boat, a taxi and then a bus?

Once back home I noticed how large Colin’s papayas were growing.  Sadly we will be long gone before they are ready to eat.  Hopefully next fall we will be able to enjoy the fruits of our  labor.

It was a loud day on the beach. Sunday the locals come out to play and today ATV’s were flying back and forth across the sand.  This family stopped a passing mariachi group to play and play they did for a long while.  I got to enjoy the music as they were just in front of our site.

This has been the coolest winter we have had in at least six years and it was nice to see all the families come out and enjoy the beach.  Each vehicle has speakers emitting some very loud music.  It can be a bit much at times.

While checking out the beach I looked down and it seems that I am growing either a melon or a squash. Who else do you know besides me who grows things in the sand?

My Aloe Vera plant is in bloom.

Once again as the sun set the girls settled down, except now they kept watching for Colin to return.

I was glad to see the sun set as it meant that I could go to bed very early. It had been a long day.


By the way, this is my second post of the day.  The one previous to this is asking for some advice re Las Vegas.



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2 Responses to “It was the craziest Sunday to date”

  1. Sandy Matts says:

    Love the volunteer and hope it matures enough before you leave to know what it is for sure or maybe even eat – if it a zucchini. Awesome sunset photos!

  2. George Yates says:

    You were very busy, but getting things done and the weather warming up.

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