Mar 10, 2017

A fun few hours at the golf course

Last Sunday we took a drive to the other end of the peninsula.

Estrella Del Mar is a popular golf resort here in the Mazatlan area and is also home to many.  Click here for a short video of the place.  One of its many features is a turtle sanctuary.   On a clear day you can see it from our place on the Isla.  We have a friend who walks the full 9 miles along the beach at least once per week and then does it again on his return.  Yes you can walk along a flat gorgeous beach all the way to the golf course.  Some ride a horse and others take an ATV.  We chose to drive, now that the road is paved it took just under 15 minutes.

Condos for rent and for sale. Taken from the EDM website.  All with an ocean view.

There are lots on the ocean for sale and a few lovely homes have been built so far.

Other homes have been built along the golf course.  Yes that is a spot at the top of the shot, on the lense of my new camera.  Dang!

We have friends here who own a condo and another who has a lot along the golf course but just can’t give up living in the village on the Isla.

We don’t golf but our golfing friends say that the Estrella golf course is superb. Often many of the RVers will head out for a day on the links.

We instead decided to head out for a drive, a tour of the area and of course lunch.  The view is one of the best anywhere.

We met Diane and Pierre for drinks and lunch at the clubhouse. There is also another restaurant at the EDM hotel.  So nice to be able to have a gourmet meal just down the road from Tres Amigos RV Park.


During our luncheon we saw heavy grey smoke snaking horizontally across the sky, paralleling the entire 9 miles of beach.  Apparently the yacht caught fire almost directly in front of our RV Park.  The burning vessel was towed out to sea by the coast guard where it sunk.


After a relaxed and entertaining meal our friends continued on with their golf game. Great form Pierre!

Thanks for the invite Diane. For certain we will meet you for lunch yet again.

We hope that you enjoyed your game as much as we enjoyed our visit to Estrella.

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5 Responses to “A fun few hours at the golf course”

  1. Dolores says:

    Oh my gosh, that would b a BAD day to have yr fancy boat burn!!!! And b towed to sea to sink!!!
    Looks like a really lovely place to stay!

  2. Contessa says:

    Estrella is a lovely place to visit for a while. It does take a longer to get to Mazatalan than from were we are though.

  3. George Yates says:

    Just another fun day in paradise, loots good for y’all except the yacht owner.

  4. Suzanne says:

    I was curious to see what that place looked like. Glad I got my curiosity satisfied, thanks to you!

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